Decision Making Process "“ A New Way to Make Tough Decisions

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Decision Making Process

Have you ever been truly stuck on the right decision to make about an aspect of your life?

I suspect we all have, and that we will face these decision making dilemmas many times in our lives.   I believe I have found a great way to make better decisions when it comes to personal matters in our lives.

I have been testing this method to get to the bottom of the some of the bigger decisions I have to make in my own life and the process is simple yet extremely powerful.   I have used it both in my business and my personal life and the insights I have gained is nothing short of amazing.

The Thinking Process

Just now we make decisions based on the thinking process alone.   We think about a decision we have to make, we go over it again and again and try to come to the right decision.   However,  using the thinking process alone leaves out some core aspects of ourselves.

The thinking process is a conscious level decision making tool, and often it can be enough to get us through life.   But, sometimes we just get stuck and the right decision is not forthcoming and we just make a choice and go for it.

There is another way…

The Holistic Decision Making Process

Within each of us lies aspects of ourselves that are often heard but not understood or listened to.   These are unconscious aspects of our minds, but they are extremely important aspects that need to be heard.

I call these other aspects of ourselves "˜advisors'.   The advisors are:

The heart advisor "“ This advisor listens to the heart of you, the very core of you and can advise you the best decision to make based on everything it knows about your beliefs, values and principles

The spiritual advisor "“ The spiritual advisor will help you to make your decision based on what is right for the spiritual side of you.   A decision that's right for you as well as others who are close to you and the world around you.

The thinking advisor "“ The thinking advisor makes decisions at a conscious level, looking at what's happening right now and how it is going to affect your life.

The emotional advisor "“ The emotional advisor will help you to look at your decision making based on your feelings.

The technical advisor "“ The technical advisor will look at the tools and skills you have just now and whether you have the ability to acquire new tools.

The process of talking to your five advisors

This part of the process will involve you getting a notepad and pencil or using your computer to type.   It will also involve you taking half an hour for yourself where you can be alone and without distraction.   This half will be worth the time and the effort, and the results you get at the end will hopefully raise insights that will help you reach a more balanced decision.

It involves using your imagination.   You imagine yourself sitting in front of the five advisors we spoke about earlier, who are different versions of yourself , almost like an interview.   Imagine yourself sitting in front of a panel of five advisors;   the five  advisors each emanating a different colour.   You ask each of them in turn about the decision you are trying to make, and you will get five replies from each of your advisors.

As you are asking the five advisors the question you start the process of automatic writing i.e. get a notepad and pencil out and start writing what each of the advisors tell you.   The IMPORTANT part of this is to write as quickly as possible and not think about what you are writing, just keep going until you feel your advisor has finished speaking.   For this part of the process I use a laptop and Word document to record the answers I receive as I can type fairly quickly.

The amazing thing about automatic writing is that time seems to slip by so quickly.   I used this tool a few days ago and before I knew it I had written around 700 words and 20 minutes had passed in what seemed like five minutes.

When I first started doing this I saw the advisors as versions of myself, only they seemed to be glowing with different colours.   When you do this it might be different for you, so don't worry about the colours around them, you might get something different.

An example

I have been toying with the idea of leaving my full time job for quite some time now and I used this process a few months back to make a huge decision in my life.

I was trying to decide whether or not to leave my full time job and here are the answers I received from my advisors:

Thinking advisor – you should concentrate on your family and do what's best for them just now.   Are you being selfish by leaving your job to follow your dreams? Yes you are.   Are you truly doing it for your family? No, this is about you and your wants.   Maybe it will work out if you decide to leave your job, but make no mistake,  this is about your needs and not the needs of your family.   Make the decision based on the truth of what you truly want.   If you truly want to leave then go for it, but you must pay the consequences of your actions if it all goes wrong.   Do you have a contingency plan should it fail?

Heart advisor – you really want to leave  work but you don't know if you can really make a living doing all this online stuff.  You have to believe in yourself more, you have the capabilities but not the belief.   Working on your beliefs more will give you the courage of your convictions.  I am worried about the impact it will have on Sharon and what her true feelings are about it, I suspect that Sharon believes it cannot be done as you have been saying this for years and nothing has come out of it.   On the other hand this is truly the best time to leave as you have never been closer to making a lot of money online.  You have to put 100% of your  time and energy into making this work and not "˜play' at it.   To be a leader in the field takes courage and it's time to stand up and be bold.

Emotional advisor –    You can't do the full time job anymore and it's definitely time to leave the job.   It seems to be sucking the life out of you and you have to try it to, at least, get it out of your system. I am concerned over the feelings of Sharon and, Sharon will always worry and always has about the big decisions in life, and that's good as it creates a balance.   You have to pay the consequences of your relationship with Sharon should this not work out if she feels that you are putting your family in danger by pursuing your own dreams.   Sharon is strong and forgiving unless she feels threatened in any way or feels her family is being threatened.   Can you handle the emotional fallout with Sharon?

Spiritual advisor – You have a destiny that you have not figured out yet, but it is definitely to make the world a better place somehow.   You seem to be getting embroiled in the thought of making money over what's right for others in the world.   A balance can be sought and it's this balance that you must pay close attention to when making your decision to leave.   I suspect that in the long run the decision to leave will be the correct one as it will lead you to your true path in life.

Technical advisor – You have the technical capabilities and knowledge to make this plan work and there is no question that you can do it.   What is in question is your powers of concentration to actually make it work.   You seem to have lots of different ideas about making money online and helping others at the same time, however you have to focus on just a few of these ideas and see them through to the end.   For example Mind Alchemy was a trial run and you have not followed through.   Similarly with early Riser, this can be made much better but you need to follow through.   The re-Awakening could also be followed through with.   These three projects alone will see you making more money online, but you need to focus and stick with them.

The answers I received from my five advisors led me to make a decision and I will tell you more about that decision soon.

In the meantime I would love to know what you think about this process and if you try it come back and let us know how you got on.   I suspect some of you will have some great stories and great insights.

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