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How to Connect with Your Inner Voice: Reveal the Champ within You

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"A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it's a whisper." "“ Barry Neil Kauffman

There is no need to impress somebody because it compresses and depresses our inner voice. If we are not directing our real energies, we will become Mr. /Miss Nobody. When we focus on our interest areas, then everybody will admire our effort.

Five points to connect with our real buddy

Meditating on our inner buddy

When an external noise suppresses our inner voice, we are not able to shape our identity in a natural manner. By adopting someone else's ideas, we cannot design our roadmap. Our creativity screams for a subtle space to spread the bright color of free thoughts. Your inner buddy is your real buddy as it travels with you in every phase of life. This buddy creates a pleasure zone in which you experiment in a comfortable manner. As these experiments are carried out in your supervision only, there is no need to waste time in the blame game.

Inner_voiceLet your work speak for you

How does it feel when someone comes to you and ask these questions:

a) What are you going to do with your life?
b) Why are you wasting your time on these silly things?
c) I am not getting, what are you trying to prove?

Sometimes, we are not able to communicate our ideas with others. It happens because the other person may perceive our great ideas from a different angle. Instead of devoting most of the time in telling people about the importance of your big ideas, it's better to show the magnificence of your art by the work only. Move beyond explanations and develop intimacy with your work. Don't work on people's expectations only, work for your inner desire.

Connecting to your budding ideas in a freely manner

There is no need to block your budding ideas. They create a soothing atmosphere by revealing all fake covers in a subtle manner. By expressing our real opinion, we shake off all burdens from our shoulders. There is no need to weigh the potential of your ideas. Ideas are not big or small because your ideas are YOUR ideas. If you are not able to connect with yourself, you can't find the real champ within you. If you are directing energies to your real aim, then no external agents can break the solid foundation.

Smashing all closed doors

Raise your inner voice to unlock the doors of big dreams. Break all barriers to unleash the hidden potential. Everybuddy is blessed with unique powers to discover a wonderful route. We just need to smash all closed doors by embracing the warmth of our inner buddy. By clearly projecting our vision, we move beyond all the dark routes in an easy manner. Break all doors which are choking your way with their hollow foundations.

Heal and Feel

We just need to seal all negative regions by healing the past events with a positive feel. We must learn from our past. Don't attach to past events. Instead of creating a negative and dull environment, generate positive feelings. Your positive thinking will heal all negative past and fill the future with all bright possibilities.

So, are you ready to listen to your inner buddy?

I want to conclude the post with deep thought by Leo Brown -"Listen to your inner voice, your own soul; too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves."

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