'Click' – The movie

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'Click' – The movie

I rented an interesting DVD the other day and watched as part of our family
movie night. The film was called "˜Click' with Adam Sandler
starring alongside Kate Beckinsale. I was pleasantly surprised with the
film and with its underpinning message of "˜Don't wish your life

The film itself was typical Sandler humour which my sons loved, the farting,
the toilet humour etc. My wife doesn't like that kind of humour
but was laughing at me and the boys laughing.

It's basic premise is about the protagonist, Adam Sandler, frustrated
with the length of time it takes to get his promotion discovers, by way of
Christopher Walken, a universal remote control. The remote control can
fast forward life, view past memories, turn life's volume down etc. Only
one problem is that the memory on the remote automatically recalls what you
don't like, or what takes time and fast forwards it. This is where
the problems occur, as most of his life is fast forwarded and he misses his
son growing up, forgets about his wife, his father dies.

The underlying theme to this story is like "˜It's a wonderful life':
Life really is for living and it's the bits in-between that makes the
most difference in your life.

Enjoy your small moments as that's what makes the big moments special.


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