Changing the Frequencies of Our Thoughts

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Is it possible that different types of thoughts have different frequencies, just like a radio station? I believe the answer to that is that to a degree they do, however it's not the thoughts that emit a frequency it's the brainwaves, which are directly controlled by thoughts and emotions.   That brainwave frequency is then transmitted into the world, so to speak.   Others pick up on the frequency, or vibration, and are attracted to it or repelled by it depending on their frequency at a particular time.

Brain FrequenciesFor example when you are in a bad mood, for whatever reason, your thoughts are generally negative, you might not want to be around people.   Your thoughts are creating emotions of "˜go away' to everyone around you, your behaviour is then affected by your thoughts and emotions.   Your body language will tell people to stay away from you or to leave you alone for a bit.   Others will pick up on your brainwave frequency, vibration, subconsciously, and stay away or they will talk to you, trying to give you some of their energy and lift your energy.

If we can manage to control our thoughts, we are effectively controlling our emotions, which in turn is controlling our behaviour.   If we control our thoughts and behaviours we are effectively controlling our mind energy and the frequencies of the brainwaves we are sending out to the world.

Thoughts and attraction

We've heard a lot about the law of attraction.   I think the use of the term has become overused and therefore misunderstood, subsequently it has not been taken that seriously.   However if we use the model below to show how our thoughts can attract like minded people and events into our lives,  I think we can take it a little more seriously:


From the above model we see that your mind energy attracts others with the same mind energy, or close to it.   I believe your mind energy is literally touching others, a little tap on the shoulder saying "˜hey, there's this guy over there who has the same energy as yours, maybe worth speaking to him.' Or "˜there's a woman in the room who is thinking a lot about her financial situation, you might be able to help her.'

What we are thinking a lot about will produce different brainwave frequencies.   So, if you're thinking a lot about your financial situation with a positive frame of mind, that frequency will touch others who may be able to help you in some way.   If, on the other hand, you are thinking about your financial situation in a negative way, those thoughts will produce a different frequency and you will touch others who could make your financial situation worse.

The ladder of vibration


A lot of us will never get off the fourth rung of the ladder and that is possibly due to not believing in the concept of thoughts as being able to create frequencies and energy.   If you can suspend belief and start directing your own thoughts in a positive and higher way, then you will enjoy more of the things you want in life.

Catching negative thoughts, low level energy thoughts, is like weeding the garden; one weed at a time and tended to every single day.

Would love to hear your thoughts and stories on the ideas above.

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