Changes to the blog

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New format for the blog

In an effort to drive this blog forward and make it better for everyone reading
it and to get more interactivity I have decided to take a leaf out of Leo's
book over at and introduce
a specified topic for everyday. This will help me make the blog more
focused and give readers, I hope, a better experience.

This will of course mean there should be a new post every day. there
will be gaps from time to time as time os at a premium just now but I am as
devoted to the blog as ever.

Looking for guest authors

I have contacted a few bloggers and asked them to guest post for me and vice
versa. This is to diversify the range of writing and to build up a wider
network of bloggers.

If you would like to become a guest author on this blog please contact me
on (enquiries at I am looking for quality and
bloggers who have built up a good reputation.

There will be some exciting posts over the coming months from some well known
bloggers and I look forward to introducing you to them.

Topics for each day

The following schedule will be the one I am using for the next few months. This
should give me time to evaluate how it is going.

Monday "“ Star post of the week.
I have used this in the past and have introduced readers to some great posts
and great blogs. I would like to continue this on a permanent basis. I
would love it if you could nominate some posts for this award.

Tuesday "“ Productivity
I am getting more into this topic of late and think it would be a good idea
to pass on some tips.

Wednesday "“ Making money
A topic I love and love writing about. This will be everything about
making money online or offline and about saving you some money.

Thursday "“ Health
Everything to keep you healthy from your physical health to your spiritual

Friday "“ Tips for a better life
Continuing the series of tips for a better life. this is quick tips to
instantly improve every area of your life.

Saturday "“ Weekly roundup
This will roundup the week for the blog. Giving some love to people who
have linked to me, my best posts, some news and anything else that has happened
in the week.

Sunday "“ Relationships
Everything relationships from parenting to social interactions.

Goals for June 2007 "“ December 2007

Of course there will be the same quality writing every day but I have a few
goals for the blog and you can help with the goals by doing what you always
do; comment, make suggestions tell me what you like and don't like.

My goals are ambitious but attainable, I believe.

  • Increase RSS subscribers by 100 people every week. So by the end
    of the year I would like to see the subscriber base sitting at 3000 "“ 4000.
  • Write over 150 quality posts
  • Have 15 guest posts from guest authors
  • Have more input into the PBN as
    I have neglected this of late.
  • Increase earnings from blog to over $500 – $800 per month

Your suggestions

I would also welcome any more suggestions on how to move the blog forward
and make it better for all readers.


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