Change Your Life: Part 4: Visualise Your Life

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Change your life; Part 4: Visualising the life you want.

The visions in your head create the life you live! Everybody who has ever read a self development book of any kind knows this, but it is worth re-iterating. It literally affects every single area of our lives from going for a walk to building up a business.

We have to realise that our thoughts are real and they have energy.

Think about what you do every morning to go to work. You wake up; picture your place of work and either roll back to sleep or jump up, ready for action. You picture, in your mind, what you have to do for the day, either dreading it or looking forward to it. You are picturing your outcome for the day ahead. You do this with almost everything you do day to day.

The thing is when we have pictures in our head and dread the image we are never going to have a good day and we leave our days in the hands of fate. If you took 10 minutes out of your day, don't say you don't have the time because that's just not true and you know it, we could have a great day, a great week, a great month, a great year and ultimately a great year.

A lot of people are concentrating so much on what they don't want that they are attracting more of what they don't want. I was talking with a friend the a few weeks ago and he told me his son was always getting into trouble at school and seemed to attract children who wanted a fight. During the conversation it was clear that his son was always on his guard in case someone picked on him or bumped into him. My friend told me his son always had a scowl on his face and looked angry all the time, another reason he was attracting attention to himself. I got a chance to speak with my friend's son and he did indeed have a scowl. We spoke about his problems at school and he told me what my friend had told me. I asked the boy of he could try something for me. I asked him to be aware of every time he scowled and to straighten his face, literally. I also asked him if he could try a fun exercise very morning and that was too picture in his mind having a great day at school, I asked him to picture having a laugh with his friends, playing football, and getting on well at school and enjoying himself. I didn't mention about the fights or anybody who was causing the trouble. I wanted him to concentrate on the good things and not wake up every morning thinking he was going to get into a fight.

My friend reported, a few days ago, that his son has not been in trouble for a few weeks and had actually enjoyed going to school.

How it works

By visualising something you are literally creating a ball of energy, it is real and it can be directed. It is attracted to the same type of energy you have created e.g. positive energy you have created will attract positive energy someone else has created. Sound far fetched?

Try this:

Stand up. Feet together, legs straight. Bend down and try and touch your toes without bending your knees. See how far you get.

Now try this. Picture in your minds eye or feel it, if you think you can't visualise, yourself bending down and touching your toes but this time going further than you did the first time. Open your eyes. Now do it again, bend forward in your minds eye and bend forward and go further than you did the last time. Do this a few times.

Now stand up for real and bend down, without bending your knees, and try and touch your toes. I am willing to bet that you got further than you did the first time you tried it.

This is the power of visualisation, only this time it is affecting your physiology as well, that's for another article.

For now, take it for granted that your thoughts stem from mental energy which forms a physical energy which is attracted to the same form of energy of others and attracts back to you.

If you do this only once you may get something back in return. However of you do it often you will get what you wish for or visualise for.

The process works like this;

  1. Set your desired outcome
  2. Visualise it in your minds eye
  3. Focus on it often, preferably a set time every day
  4. Always give it positive energy.

Be sure not to mix up those positive thoughts with thoughts of negativity, which is quite easy to creep into your thoughts.

This works every time and the only reason it won't work is you working in negative thoughts into your thinking when visualising your desired outcome.

Positive thinking

This might sound clichéd, but it is true. You will not attract positive things in your life if half your time is spent thinking negatively. If you keep thinking about the lack of money you have you will NEVER attract money into your life.

Also be prepared to work for your desired outcomes. Don't just visualise 1 million pounds and expect not to work for it.

You will have to be aware of the synchronicities that will happen after a few days of your practicing your visualisations. Be on the lookout for people coming into your life, books presenting themselves, signs in general that will lead you towards your desired outcome.

If you have any stories about how this has worked for you let me know or if you have any questions let me know and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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