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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Today

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We born, we live, we die. No one knows how long we're going to be around for. 20yrs, 45, 100 years. Who knows? The whole planet could completely vanish tomorrow. Maybe a wee bit of a stretch but anything is possible. The point I'm trying to make is this: one life, no clue how long it will last, what do we do?

What do we do? We are born, we die. But what about all that other stuff in between. You know, the going to school, getting a degree, working, having a family and then retiring. All that stuff. Is there more to it than that? Is there someway we can possibly get the most and the best from our time here on earth? You bet. Ask yourself these 5 questions to get those wheels turning and just maybe kick starting this thing called life.

12 laws of life1. Does my work make me happy?

You get up every day and go to the same job, do the same work, see the same people. Day in and day out. You're lucky if you get a raise once a year. It pays the bills and puts a little extra in the savings account, if you're lucky. But do you love it? Are you loving what you are doing for a living? For a living. Do I want to do this until I retire? Is there something else, maybe, that I can do that I will actually make me happy and still support me? For most of us, our job will take us right to retirement and while we are there, it makes us miserable and often is the cause of stress and other health issues. It's never too late to start something else.

2. Am I being a nice person?

I mean, truly a nice person. Am I caring enough for people, animals, things and the environment? Is there something more I could be doing? Are people happy when they see me or do they run away? What kind of impression am I leaving on people? Will anyone, besides my family, remember me when I die? It's not important, nor is it any of our business, whether people really like us or not. Not everyone is going to like you, or me and that's ok. But we certainly don't want to die with people really disliking us because we were not nice, or kind, or caring and loving.

3. Can I do more for mankind?

There are people starving all over the world and probably right in your very own city. There are homeless people everywhere. Street people. Families in shelters due to tragic circumstances. Have you done anything for any of them, ever? Donated clothes to a struggling family, bought a cup of coffee for a homeless person. Maybe brought them a sandwich, a blanket in the cold. Did I throw $2 in their cup the other day? One small random act of kindness makes a huge impact. Have you made one today?

4. Is there more to life than this?

Whatever this is. Your job, your family, your home life, your house and all the other things you own that collectively make up your entire existence. Is that all there is? That's all there is if you are prepared to settle for that. If you want more for your life and out of life, you have to take the necessary steps, make the big changes, face fear and live boldly. Your life is a mirror of your thoughts, decisions and actions. If you want more, do more.

5. Did I forgive those who hurt me or am I going to hold grudges til I get to my grave?

There's a famous quote holding onto anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. They don't care. You can hold that grudge til you die but they don't care. They stopped thinking about you a long time ago. It's you that's still holding on. It could very well be time to let that go and be free. Peace comes with forgiveness. We forgive for us, not for them. Heck they don't even have to know you have forgiven them. Remember, they don't care.

The life you are living can be one filled with joy, peace, love and mu ch happiness, or you can go on on autopilot waiting for the end. It's up to you. Really, it's all up to you.

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