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A new feature on Change Your Thoughts letting you pose questions about your personal development and each week they will be answered by Steven Aitchison and Ayo Olaniyan.

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Ask the coach is a new weekly feature on CYT whereby you, the reader, get to ask a personal development question and two coaches myself and Ayo Olaniyan will answer your question in the form of a post. Your question can be anything related to your personal development however we cannot give advice on such topics as investments, the law, and medical advice, you should always seek out a professional for these matters. Example questions might be:

How can I become more assertive?

How can I deal with overpowering people at work?

How can I become less introverted?

How can I overcome a recurring nightmare?

These are only example questions and you can ask more of less anything you want.

Coaching is a process and one on one coaching can be much better as one issue you have in life maybe a manifestation of problems in other areas of your life. So it is not a comprehensive solution to your problems but rather a guide to get you started thinking about the issue at hand.

Meet the coaches

life coach steven aitchisonFor anybody who doesn't know me here is a short bio. Steven Aitchison has been writing for Change Your Thoughts blog for 3 years. He has a BSc in Psychology and is currently working as a drug and alcohol addiction worker. His main interests in the field of psychology are thought processes, belief formation and the dreaming mind.

'I believe anybody can be coached to reach their true potential, sometimes it just takes a nudge, some direction, and a little encouragement.'

life coach ayo olaniyan Ayo Olaniyan has recently joined us an author on CYT and writes for blogs across the net as well as his own at He is a certified Unitiveâ„¢ Life Coach, having completed an Advanced Postgraduate Level tutorial in Unitive Coaching with the foremost UK Life Coach Charles Bentley PhD. He is currently studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Professional Development (University of East London) with a view to carrying out research at a Masters Level on completion. He also holds a BSc. in Chemistry, Certificate in Counselling from the Institute of Counselling and a University Diploma in Psychotherapeutics from the University of Derby.

The way it will work

You will be able to ask a question here on this post. So if you have a question on your personal development just post a comment and when we answer a question we will email you to let you know we have chosen your question to be answered. There will be two questions answered per week which will give us a chance to answer as many questions as possible. Remember and put your correct email address when posting a comment as we will email you directly to let you know your answer as well as posting the answer on this blog.

Questions will be chosen and answered every Thursday by myself and Ayo and will be around 500 – 700 words replies. This will hopefully benefit other readers who have similar type questions. We will also answer any questions by way of comments on the question and answers for that particular week.

Do you have a question about your personal development?

Go ahead and leave a question in the comment box below and hopefully next week we can help to guide you in the right direction.

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About the author

Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison is the author of The Belief Principle and an online trainer teaching personal development and online business.  He is also the creator of this blog which has been running since August 2006.