Are You Experiencing Synchronicity

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Synchronicity is a term coined by famous psychologist, Carl Jung.   It is the appearance of "meaningful coincidences" in your life that are unlikely, ironic and sometimes  very helpful.  This phenomenon is a "wink" from the universe, a sign of your intuition and connectedness.  If you've been experiencing synchronicity, you've been  in the right place, at the right time.

Though some would say the probability of one of these events is very low, for many people synchronicity happens all of the time.   It is a magical phenomenon that lets us know we are open to spiritual guidance and on the right path.

So, are you experiencing synchronicity?

Here are a few common examples that may have happened in your life:

1. Running into someone you were just thinking about, or receiving a phone call, text message or email from him/her.

2. Randomly coming across a product that solves a problem you've been having, even though you weren't looking for it.  Suddenly, an ad on TV or an item on the store shelf jumps out at you as if to say "Here! This is exactly what you need!"

3. Watching a movie or television show that has a story line mirroring  your own current issues in life.

4. Hearing a couple of strangers out in public discussing something  you've been thinking about in your own life.

5. Meeting a person who is able to assist you through a current challenge, randomly, as if they've been delivered directly to you to help.

6.  Getting a reassuring message out of the blue, but at the right time.  During a moment when you could use an emotional lift, perhaps  your  child suddenly  turns to you and says "I love you."  You might also open your email or mailbox and find a kind and uplifting message written by a friend or relative.

7. Amazing timing.  One thing after another is delivered at exactly the right time.  Everything lines up perfectly.

Though these are just a handful of examples, synchronicity can happen in many areas of your life.   Have you experienced any of these synchronicities? Do you have examples of other synchronicities?   Comment below and let me know.

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