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Need some motivation in your life? Need a little help with your goals? Want someone to talk to about your destiny?

Aaron Potts from Today is That Day, has his new Personal Development Partners website up and running and aims to help anyone who is interested in personal development. He has spent months working on this and it looks great and already has lots of members due to viral campaigning. It really is snowballing and there are more and more people joining every day.

There is a multitude of topics to discuss and start. Some examples are:

Personal Development success systems
Business and entrepreneurship
Health and fitness
Conscious creation
Personal relationships

As if that wasn't enough Aaron is running a competition to drive the membership up. The competition is open until Friday October the 19th and has only started on Tuesday 18th September. The prizes are:

1st prize is a brand new 4GB iPod Nana w/Video, preloaded with every minute of audio from Mike Dooley's incredible Infinite Possibilities program! In addition to having the MP3's preloaded onto the iPod, you will also receive the CD's themselves to listen to in your car, or just to keep for your archives.
Total Value of this Prize: $280

2nd prize is a brand new 1GB iPod Shuffle preloaded with the awesome Million Dollar Mindset program from James Arthur Ray. Again, your iPod will be preloaded with the material, and you will also receive all of the CD's from the program, as well as the comprehensive Million Dollar Mindset workbook.
Total Value of this Prize: $160

For those of you who want to choose your own information or gadgets, the 3rd prize is an Gift Certificate for $75. The gift certificate can be used to purchase anything sold on the Amazon website – you can choose to purchase personal development related products, or something completely different.
Total Value of this Prize: $75

Why not join today. You can use my referrer id (yes Aaron I would like the Ipod Nano please):

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