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7 Ways to Deal With Negative People

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"If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome."

Michael Jordan

Being negative is really easy. That is why there are so many negative people out there! Unfortunately, there is no way to live life without encountering those with different perspectives of the world, so we have to equip ourselves to deal with folks with a bad attitude. Here are seven way that can assist you in dealing with negative people while still keeping a positive attitude.

1. Avoid

When we decided to take control of our lives, part of that involve making tough choices about things we can control. For the most part, we can decide who we want to spend time with or not. If you hang around a negative person for fun, maybe it is time to move on from that interpersonal connection.

2. Limit

If you can't avoid the person, as is often the case with many social connections, try to limit the amount of time you spend with them. You can do this by specifically scheduling the amount of time you want to spend with them and sticking to it whenever possible. After you are around this person, try to do an activity that will recharge your positive energy.

3. Hang Out in a Group

Especially if you know other like-minded people, hanging out in a group can ebb the flow of the person's negativity.

4. Communicate/Confront

Sometimes negative people don't even realize how negative they are being. If you feel a person is excessively negative, you could take the time to have a chat with them about it. Maybe try to inquire if something stressful or bad is going on in the background of their lives to make them have such a negative attitude. Although confrontation is often uncomfortable for all parties involved, it can lead to greater understanding in our  relationships.

5. Correct

If you find that a person is constantly being negative, occasionally try to correct their attitude by counter balancing what they're saying with something positive. For example, if they are complaining about their job, perhaps point out that they are lucky to have one. Also, if they are getting down on themselves, make sure to point out the positive traits of their personality.

6. Switch it Up

Sometimes a change of subject is necessary if you want to avoid a negative rant from your friends. Whether we have negative or positive thought cycles, it is easy to get stuck in that cycle without an escape unless we mindfully switch directions. If you find the negative person is stuck on a subject, try to change the course of conversation to something more positive or light hearted.

7. Do NOT Take Responsibility for Negative People

Once you are exposed to the power of positive thinking, it can be tempting to empower everyone you know all the good things it brings to living. The problem with this is that people are not projects. While you will be a positive example by living as a more enlightened being, you can't force negative people to be positive. Do not feel like it is your responsibility to transform a negative person, because it may just end up dragging you down.

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