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9 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Down

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We all have bad days. Even happy people have bad days. No one is permanently happy 100% of the time without mind altering drugs. Some days we just feel low. Period. What hap pens during and after that low period is what makes or breaks you, depending on your self talk at the time. There are many things you can tell yourself when you are feeling down. We've listed 9.

I know sometimes when we are going through a low point or a down time, some of us want the earth to open up and swallow us whole. Some days are really bad. Plain and simple. But we can manage and get around them. Here's how with just a few simple little life hacks and some things to remind yourself of.

societal_lies1. It's ok to feel down sometimes.

Of course it's ok. Many of us have down days. Go ahead and cry or scream if you have to. No one will judge you for that. Let your emotions free. Bottling them up will only hurt you. Lock yourself in a room and be alone for y our cryfest if you have to. Whatever you do, just do it. But don't stay there. Remember you have to come out of it.

2. I've been here before.

And you got through just fine. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last. Remind yourself you have survived 100% of the tough times you've been through. You are doing great. Better than you think. Each storm is a different one but you're strong enough to make it through all of them.

3. I can count on my friends.

Hopefully you have a good support networks o f really good friends and that may include only 1 or 2. That's perfect. You don't need 100 friends to help you with something. Call your friends to help you or just sit with you and keep you company. That's what they are there for.

4. I'm strong enough to handle this.

You are. Don't forget that. Whatever is happening to you at the moment, this time, you can handle it. Put your game face on and face this situation head on. many times we think something is huge and we won't be able to get around it but once you start dealing with it you often discover it wasn't so big after all.

5. I'm ok.

Yes, you are. you will be ok. If you aren't ok now tomorrow, you will be. If not tomorrow, then the next day. It doesn't matter what day it happens, keep reminding yourself you will be ok. Tell yourself this a lot. Repeat it over and over again. The more you tell yourself this, the more you will believe it and so will your brain.

6. My faith is bigger than my problems.

Keep your faith big. Make sure it is bigger than your problems or your bad day. The more faith you have and maintain, the smaller your problems will seem and the easier it will be to get through the rest of your down day. Pray if you have to, meditate or journal, whatever method you choose to stay in faith, remember #5. You're going to be ok.

7. Everyone has bad days.

This might ease the anxiety a bit for you when you remind yourself you aren't the only one going through this. We all do and it's ok. Tell yourself that having a bad day isn't the end of the world, we all have them and you aren't any less of a person because you are having a bad down now. You're human. It's normal.

8. Why am I going through this?

Figure out what's going on and what the trigger was for this. A lot of the times we can reduce the number of bad days we have simply by finding out what triggered it and see how to eliminate this trigger. If there was no apparent trigger, then it simply could be just a shitty day and that's ok too.

9. Does something need to change?

If there really is a trigger, what is it? Could it be your job or a friendship or maybe even your partner that is causing you to have bad days, too many of them. Is there something in your life that isn't making you happy? It might be time to take a closer look at life and see what's wrong there.

Even though we all have bad days, it doesn't mean we like to have them. They just happen, sometimes with no reason or rhyme. Embrace them, feel them and release them. Don't stay stuck in your bad day and don't let it linger into the next day. Tell yourself tomorrow will be better. And it will be.

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