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8 Ways To Thrive At A Stressful Workplace

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I hear you. Your job ain't easy. Your tasks are endless. Your boss is not just strict, but already discouraging and humiliating you. Co-workers gossip about you. Worst, your closest fellows started to keep their distance from you.

You begin wondering whether you lied to yourself that you're fit for the work, or if those things are just “challenges” along the way.

Here are 8 things you can do to not just survive, but thrive, in your job.

1. Think about your motivation for work.

Admit it, we need money to sustain our needs. Of course, we use it to buy our needs and wants. It’s normal.

Nevertheless, we should keep in mind that we grind not just for ourselves, but also for our family (and sometimes even parents and siblings). In short, we ramp up our efforts to achieve our well-being together with our loved ones.

A number of fresh graduates would be motivated to get employed with something that would fulfill their passion rather than salary. However, some of them already made up their minds that income is more important than the nature of work. Majority of the employees who have been toiling for years are more interested in receiving a larger wage.

Remember, your motivation for work will affect your present and future.

2. Take one day at a time.

Set priorities straight. A project that has an earlier deadline must be done first. You can have a short break like listening to music or talking with a coworker, but only you can estimate how long should your pause go.

Finish your stint as soon as you can without sacrificing its quality. If you do your job well, you’ll earn the respect of your boss, co-workers, or your clients. When you finish your assigned duties for the day, that’s when you’re ready to begin with the other loads set for another deadline schedule.

End your day’s job with a relaxation session. You might have some household chores to do at home, but give yourself a short break first to re-energize.

3. Reward yourself.

You’re just a human being who also gets tired. If gadgets hang up when overused, how much more for a person like you? How could you think and work effectively if your mind is drained?

Give yourself both short-term and long-term rewards. Your reward doesn’t need to be expensive. Watch your favorite show on TV or online after accomplishing what you need to do. Buy yourself a food or drink that you like. Hang out on a nearby park or play sports with friends every weekend. Make sure you have time to do something you like from time to time after accomplishing your duties.

It wouldn’t hurt if you travel at least once a year. Your self-incentives need not be expensive. The purpose is for you to recharge and reap something from your hard work.

4. Make your client smile.

By giving your best-self, you become part of the solution to your customer’s problems and needs. When you do a good job, it gives you a sense of satisfaction. You feel secured that you're flourishing in the workplace. You feel your worth.

5. Know your limitations.

Perseverance is our key to success. However, if you can’t perform all the obligations assigned to you, just accept only the things you can finish within reason. Failing to comply would only result to unsatisfied bosses who could make your work life stressful.

6. Love yourself.

We can’t please everyone. Not everyone would like us when it comes to the way we talk or the way we think. Each one of us is different, and we have our own preferences.

Maintaining good relationships with colleagues is ideal; yet those who don’t like us may insult us or magnify our shortcomings. The best way is to maintain distance from them. If this is not possible, follow the tips in the article entitled “4 Secret Ways to Deal with Toxic People.”

7. Reflect whether your role is in line with your skills.

Be honest with yourself whether you’re doing fine in your job. If you think that you already gave your best, yet your boss or coworkers still give negative feedback, reflect whether they are just envying your potentials and skills, or if the service you provide doesn’t address enough the needs of the clients.

When you reflect, you'll be able to decide if you need to improve your skills/knowledge or if quitting your job would be a better option.

8. Stay connected with the Divine Power.

Whether you get moral support from others or none, you work so you can provide for yourself and for your family. Pray and stay connected with the Divine Power through thick and thin. In good times we pray, because we’re grateful. Gratitude attracts more blessings. In bad times, we still pray to hold on, have enough strength and be enlightened.

If you love your job, it's ideal to stay in your workplace as much as possible. But if your well-being suffers, try to enjoy the very least things you can from it. If you did everything to improve the situation in your workplace yet you feel that your life is sucked out, then maybe another employer or career would be a good match for you.

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