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8 Things To Do When You Feel Stuck In Life

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Are you there? Are you stuck in that proverbial rut? We often hear someone is having or going through a mid life crisis but that's not the only time we can get stuck. Being stuck in life really can happen at any age. Those in their 20's thinking they should be getting a university education may feel stuck and uncertain of the path they should be taking. And then there are the people in their 30's thinking maybe they should be settling down and having a family.

Whatever age bracket you are in, we all get stuck at some point, it's just a different level of stuck. When that happens what is there to do? Do we ignore it and hope it goes away? You could, and it will go away, but it will come right back at you again. Best to deal with it. Here are a few ways to help you get through your stuck moments.

stuck_in_life1. Identify where it's coming from.

Is it coming from work or personal life? Do you hate your job and have you always? Maybe your circle of friends doesn't provide the stimulation they once did. Don ' t feel bad, that happens to a lot of us. Once you've established whether it's professional or personal then you can start to analyze the source a bit deeper.

2. Call a friend.

No shame in that. Chances are, your friend has already gone through this bout as well. What did they do and how did they handle it? How are they making it now? You might be able to get some sound advice or at the very least some helpful hints on how they got through it. Maybe they are still going through it.

3. Get a buddy.

An accountability buddy can go a long way here. If your friend from #2 is still stuck too then you can help each other. Talk it out. Where is the block? Maybe your friend's block is personal and yours is professional in which case you can give each other unbiased advice or tips. Another perspective so to speak.

4. Make a list.

Once you have discovered where you are stuck, either personal or professional, make a list of the things you feel are holding you back. Do you want or need more? Maybe you aren't in love with your partner anymore. whatever the case may be, a pro's and con's list will be very helpful for you.

5. Take a trip.

Now not everyone has money to get on a plane and go to some tropical locale to sort things out. How about a nice little road trip? Get in the car and hit the highway with some nice loud music playing. Sometimes that's all we need is to get away from our life for a while and decompress.

6. Research time.

If it's your professional life that is stopping you in your tracks, maybe it is time for more or a change. Do you have a certain passion or two you would like to explore a bit more? Get on the internet or go to your library and do some research. See how much work it would take to develop another skill.

7. Meditate.

It's time to calm the hell down. When we get stuck we tend to overthink things, especially our whole life and we fall into overwhelm. You need to let so me anxiety go. Don't fill your head with all the problems of the world. Take time to chill out and let the thoughts come and go.

8. Let loose and have fun.

Call up some friends for a movie night or some fun on the town. Go dancing, go to art galleries, whatever tickles your fancy, but you need to get your mind off of life. You can't think about it all the time. Let it go and enjoy some fun things with friends or family. Something very spectacular may just land on your lap.

There is always going to be a block in life at some stage of the game. Don't ignore it, whatever you do. Find out where it's coming from and explore it. It just might be the catalyst for the next exciting phase of your life.

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