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10 Reasons To Forgive Everyone Today

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It's not easy to forgive. It's not easy to stay mad at someone forever either. We've all heard it a thousand times too. Just forgive and move on. For some reason, we like to hold on to anger and resentment. Carry that grudge with us to the grave. Almost like it's some sort of trophy. It's not a prize possession. It's more like a ball and chain. We don't realize until we have let go of the grudge and forgiven.

Here is a small list of 10 reasons why you should forgive everyone today. There are probably a million more reasons why you should. Take 10 to start. If this list doesn't make you want to forgive everyone today, then I don't know what will.

forgiveTopping off this list as the most important reason why you should forgive everyone today is:

1. It frees you from anger.

Anger builds up inside of us and it eats at us. It grows and manifests into a big ugly ball that gets heavier and heavier. The minute you forgive and release you will instantly be rid of this ugly ball and feel lighter. We are meant to live in joy, not hate.

2. Life really is too short.

Too short to hang on to hate, anger and resentment. Why do we want to hold onto negative emotions when we're trying to live a life of happiness and peace? No regrets. Forgive today and move on to a more peaceful life.

3. Don't judge.

We all make mistakes. You aren't perfect either. How would you feel if someone didn t forgive you for something you did 5 or 10 years ago, when you know you clearly aren't that same person anymore? People do change. Don't judge. Let it go.

4. It's pure love.

To forgive someone who hurt you shows true character and love, for yourself and humanity as a whole. That love will come back to you tenfold in ways t hat will surprise you. When you open your heart to forgiveness, you are making room for beautiful things to enter your life. Which leads us to the next reason

5. Making room for the good.

When we hold onto hate and anger, there is no room for love and peace and joy. The longer you hold on to it, the more anger you will feel. It doesn't get lighter or go away on its own. You have to release it. Make room for good stuff.

6. The other person doesn't care.

You are holding on to all this hate and anger and they could not care less. They have already moved on past the situation and living their life in peace and happiness while you are still holding on to hate. What's the point of that?

7. Who's the bigger person here.

People will admire your character and your strength. They will see you as an inspiration and as a much bigger person than the one who hurt you. When someone can forgive and most past hurt, they hold their head much higher and can pride themselves in taking the high road.

8. And speaking of being an inspiration.

People will also see how much happier you are and you just might inspire them to follow suit. Once they see the difference in you, they are certainly going to want to be just as happy and seemingly carefree. You just might be a trendsetter.

9. We're always learning.

Not only about other people but ourselves too. When you forgive and move on, you will see how resilient you can be and how easy it is for you to grow and learn new ways of doing things. you will be more open to wanting to learn other things that empower you too.

10. Happiness is an inside job.

And it starts with you. You can't look to other people for your happiness. You can't expect to find happiness in things either. If you want true happiness, forgive those who have hurt you and you will find love, peace and joy inside.

Can you think of other reasons why you should forgive the ones who hurt you? Share your thoughts below. Always remember, we forgive for us, not them.

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