8 Things to Do on a Sunday by Yourself

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Sunday has historically and presently managed to be the day of rest for pretty much everyone in the world. How did we all come to agree on this? It's a bit peculiar and a bit humorous that we've all decided together that Sunday would be a great day for everyone to be really lazy; and why not? Even if we get 1 day off a week or 3 days off per week, it's a nice thing to have in our routine to be able to just unwind and not worry about anything for a full day. You can go for brunch, check out a movie or catch up with the girls. It's also a great day to spend time alone after you've been with people all week. Here's a few harmless and self improving things you can on a Sunday by yourself to refresh yourself for the coming week.

1. Clean your house

We've had a busy week looking after our work, kids, schedule, whatever it is. Have you even had a minute to look after your room? How does your room look after a busy week? You've got clothes all over the floor, the ever present "chair" or "table" is covered in things and disorganized and your bathroom is in chaos. How about your kitchen? What does your fridge and pantry look like? There might be stuff everywhere.

Make an excuse on Sundays to stay home, crank some music, drink your favourite drink and clean your house! Wow, what a good feeling. Having a clean house is almost as good as putting on a new pair of socks. You'll feel refreshed and accomplished and better yet you will realize how easy it was to do after you've finished it in no time at all. You might even look forward to the next time you have to clean! It's great me time.

2. Plan your outfits for the week

It's not self indulgent to enjoy yourself. Spend some time in the mirror after you've cleaned your room to try on your clothes for this week. If the weather is consistent, have some fun planning your wardrobe for each day or experimenting with new things. Who said you can't be a fashion model? You might see that you're bored with what you already know you have and realize that a shopping day is in order. The plot thickens!

3. Make a meal plan

If you've planned your clothes, try planning your meals. Sit down with a take to work style cookbook and get your tupperware ready. Find new recipes that can be assembled with four ingredients or less and have fun making new dishes to take to work. You'll be happy knowing you're saving yourself money from eating at the local food court, and it's another fun thing to do when you're just relaxing at home and listening to music. If you can plan for a whole week, kudos to you!

4. Disconnect from the world

You're spending some quality time at home with yourself – valuable time you're deprived of in the week. Let it all go but keeping the music up and distractions away. That means turning off the wifi, the 4G, putting your phone on silent and stop worrying about likes or new friend requests. You time means it's you time – don't worry about what your friends are doing or what anyone else is up to. Set yourself up with some fun daytime goals at home and feel good when you get through them without checking your phone.

5. Go to sleep

Take a nap! It's Sunday, and it's the called the day of rest for a reason. Don't feel bad if you're tired and don't feel like doing anything – if you have the day off, you're allowed to do whatever you want, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! Take a long nap, a short nap, take four naps, do whatever you want. There is such a thing as catching up on sleep, and if you are lacking sleep throughout the week, now's your chance to do so. Sleep for fifteen hours like you were made for it, and watch how great you will feel on Monday. You deserve it.

6. Get a massage

Do you have any spa or massage services in your area? If yes, when was the last time you went there? Never? Well, give yourself a break! Next weekend, book a massage day for yourself if you have some disposable income. It will feel great, and it's probably something you don't do too often. If you're all caught up and have some free time it's a great way to spend the day and you won't worry about the money after you see how great you feel. You might even go back the next week!

7. Go to church

We might not all be religious to this day, but we may have grown up in that kind of fashion. Going to church may have been something we were brought up with but that we have grown out of. We don't have time, we have other things to do now. It's true that the purpose of religion may have fallen out of play for a lot of us as we aged, but if you ever think about it or need a little bit of extra creature comfort in your life, attending a sermon is always a nice way to have a bit of nostalgia and relaxation. You don't even have to be religious to go. People who go to church are friendly and always eager to see new people – it's a community. Go, meet new people, make new friends, and have time to think. Don't worry about participation effort – the fact that you are there is enough.

8. Go for a coffee or dinner by yourself

It's nice to spend some time for ourselves; reading or doing leisure activities alone is a lost art since we all carry on phones on us all the time these days. But there is still something romantic and nice to just go out and have a great cup of coffee alone. Bring the tablet, or don't, talk to new people, or don't. Just enjoy the nice taste of a coffee after dinner, listen to some soft guitar music and reflect on your great week behind you, and the new one ahead of you.

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