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8 Signs You Suffer From Inferiority Complex

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Many people suffer from inferiority complex, sometimes without even knowing it. The problem is that it can often hold us back in life.

Most people can recall a time in their lives when they felt inferior, but if someone constantly believes that they are not good enough, they might have an inferiority complex.

Although certain psychologists believe that feeling inferior can be motivating in some ways, it can prove to be really hard in your everyday life.

Here are eight signs that you have an inferiority complex:

1. You always need validation

Are you always asking other people's opinion about things you have done? Or when you have done something nice, do you need others to compliment you about it?

That could stem from your childhood years if you didn't receive praise from your mother and father. At that early stage in your life, pleasing your parents would have boosted your self-esteem. However, if your parents used to ignore you, when you grew older, you'd have to seek out this praise from other people.

2. You're overly sensitive to others' opinions

Do you often get upset when you hear others talking about you? Are you extremely sensitive to what other people think about you? Do you feel like you can't stand up for yourself if you hear somebody commenting about you? Also, do you take to heart anything others say against you and end up worrying about it for weeks?

We all get a little upset if somebody has said something awful about us, this is natural. However, if you're stressing over the slightest thing, then it might be a sign that you suffer from an inferiority complex.

3. You put your needs last

If you feel that you're inferior, you're likely always to put yourself last every time it comes to the pecking order. As you feel low and not worthy, you think it's right that other people should be above you.

Nevertheless, never forget that putting yourself last might lead to feelings of resentment and anger over time.

4. You can't take constructive criticism

All people need to hear certain things to feel better in their lives. However, if the tiniest bit of negative critique leaves you desperate and low for weeks, then that's definitely a sign that things are not right.

Healthy criticism is necessary for everybody, and no one should be exempt. However, some people cringe or shy away from the slightest bit of advice. Imagine how you'll grow as a person unless you ever receive feedback?

5. You crave flattery

You may not be able to take constructive criticism, but you do love compliments. Being flattered can make you puff up with joy, and for a little while at least you will feel better about yourself.

The problems begin when you start to rely on flattery to get on with things because sometimes you simply have to carry on without getting praise for merely doing your job.

6. You often procrastinate

Is it hard for you to begin new projects or tasks? Do you usually put off what you can do tomorrow, and then tomorrow comes and you still can't find a way to motivate yourself?

If you're a constant procrastinator, it could be due to your fear that whatever you do will not be good enough, so why bother even beginning?

7. You withdraw from society

Many of us don't like to have to socialize often, and for many several reasons. However, if you actually withdraw from society, then have a think why you don't want to go out.

Is it because you do not want to hear what other people have to say about you, or do you just know for a fact that you're not good enough? Do you fear that people will discover that you are no good and choose to stay indoors so that they never find out the truth about you? If you stay in to avoid comparisons, it's a great sign that you feel inferior.

8. You find faults with other people

Since you know all about your faults, you believe you have a trained eye when it comes to the faults of others. You may also want to find fault with other people so that it takes your attention and focus away from you. As you already don't feel that great about yourself, you don't care if others feel rubbish about themselves. And when other people feel bad, it often makes you feel better.

There's a big difference between feeling inferior and being inferior. Consider what your talents and your strengths are and concentrate on those, instead of highlighting whatever weaknesses you believe you might have.

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