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8 Powerful Phrases to Enjoy Life and Live With Passion

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In this day and age of positivity and new age thinking, is it any wonder that more people don't live ridiculously happy lives? People like the much loved and respected Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins have all impacted millions, perhaps billions, around the world into thinking more positive, enjoying and embracing life. Books like The Secret, The Magic and The Power by Rhonda Byrne and other inspirational and highly motivational books can be purchased with one click. So why then are most of us still struggling with stress, debt, sadness and other negativity?

We are what we say to ourselves. That's my firm belief. If we keep talking about our troubles and our debt and all other negative shit that keeps showing up in our lives, well all that negativity is just going to keep showing up in our lives, right? So when and how do we make that switch?

It's up to you. It's all up to you. No one else can do that for you. You have to tell yourself that from here on in you are going to only think, feel and believe positive. When that happens, watch what takes place in your life. Here are some phrases to get you started on your new path of positivity. You are ready, aren't you?

1. I deserve happiness.

First and foremost, keep telling yourself this. We are all here to experience outrageous and ridiculous joy. We are not here to suffer. Remind yourself daily, hourly if you have to, that you deserve all the happiness in the world. Period. Don't even doubt that for one second.

2. I have a beautiful gift that no one else has.

We all do. Each and every single one of us has a gift that is unique to us. The sad part of that is most of us don't know what it is or we keep it hidden. Please don't do that anymore. Share your gift with the world. Let everyone see it and enjoy it.

3. I love this world and everything in it.

Feel love, give love, share love, be love. The more love you have in your heart the more you will see and feel the beauty around you and that in turn just brings more happiness into your life and suddenly life is awesome. Love everything. And be open to receiving love too.

4. I love me.

Repeat this one many many many times throughout the day. The more you say it, and make sure to say it with conviction, the more you will believe it and the more you will love life and being part of it. Any and all love starts within you. Self-love is the one utmost important things you can feel and have. If you don't have it yet, work on it now.

5. Everything is temporary.

Even life. There, I said it. I know it's a hard to pill to swallow but the sooner we realize that even this life is temporary, the sooner we will start enjoying it and not stressing out so much about every little silly thing. Really.

6. Just do it.

Thank you Nike for this one. The whole world uses this line time and time again for good reason. Anything you want to do, you should just do it. Stop letting fear take control of your life and start living your life. Can you imagine being 80 or 90 and saying to yourself "oh I wish I had done……" Don't live with regret. Do every thing you want to do today, now.

7. I can do this.

This always makes me think of "The little engine that could story". Tell yourself you can do anything you want, anything you set your mind to. You are not limited in your abilities, skills, talents or bravery. The only limit is the one you put on yourself.   Be brave and bold and start doing all the things you always thought you couldn't.

8. Things will get better.

They always will and do as long as you believe it. Some of us seem to think that they are stuck in a vortex of doom and gloom. The longer you think like that, the more you will believe it and the more crap will keep piling up on you. Start telling yourself that things will be fantastic tomorrow. Tomorrow is a brand new day filled with unlimited possibilities and a whole new better life. And then watch it unfold like that. One day at a time.

These super powerful phrases are also super easy to say throughout the day, every day, and all day. If your life isn't any good now, start repeating any or all of these to yourself and watch the magic happ en. It all starts with you

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