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8 Powerful Benefits To Loving More And Disliking Less

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Love makes the world go round. Who said that anyway? Whoever it was, was completely right. Love does make the world go round. In this world of war and anger and violence and racial prejudice, love is all we need. So why do we still dislike more than we love?

We all know love is a powerful force and a beautiful one at that. We all love the thought of love. So why then do we not express or show it more? Why are we still disliking more and loving less? Many of us put up walls and boundaries that prevent love from coming in or going out. Let's break down these walls and love more. Why? Here are just 8 powerful benefits of loving more and disliking less.

loving_11. What we give out comes back.

Well that sounds wonderful. If you love mo re people and things more love will come right back to you. If you keep disliking things, there will be more things to dislike headed your way. Try for one day to only give out love and see what happens. I guarantee you will repel most negative things.

2. Happy hearts.

When we love more and have more love in our lives, our hearts become happier. Happy heart is a happy life. The more we love the bigger our heart gets too. Remember #1, give it out, it comes back tenfold. A heart filled with love shines on throughout the whole day.

3. Disliking more stuff leads to disease.

Sounds ridiculous but it's true. Think about some of the aches and pains you are suffering and get to the bottom of them to see where they really stem from. Most of them, I bet, come from lack of love and the dislike you are harbouring in your soul.

4. People will be drawn to you in a loving way.

You attract happier more loving people. Not the grumbling angry people who are always miserable but the cheery ones who have happy lives and are full of love. Those are the people you want around anyway, aren't they? Unless of course you re just a negative Nelly who doesn't like people or want any of them around, ever. We hope you aren't though. People are beautiful and loving and kind.

5. You'll sleep better.

Yup, you sure will. When you hang on to hate or anger or anything else you might dislike, chances are you probably think of them throughout the day and maybe even at bedtime. Don't do that. You won't sleep very well at night. You may even have nightmares. If you send these people or negative thoughts some love and send them packing away, you will have a better sleep.

6. Life is just happier.

When we come from a place of love and happiness, life is just happier. We see things differently. We love things that normally we wouldn't. We aren't quick to judge or anger. We have a lighter approach to things and we generally stress less. Stress less. That in itself is a good enough reason for me to love more and dislike less.

7. No fault finding.

We don't see faults in anything. If you love more and dislike less, there is nothing to find fault in. Everything is beautiful and we love every thing. Right down to our houseplant that just died. Bury it and buy a new one. When we give love to things, they are perfectly loved and perfect in our eyes and our mind.

8. More peace.

We will have more peace in our life. Love brings peace and joy. Peace and joy reduce stress and anxiety. The more we love, the more peace we will have. That even applies to people who cause us stress or upset. Love them more, send them love, either through prayer, meditation or in person if you can, and watch how your life gets more peaceful.

Love certainly is a powerful energy. A very good powerful energy. You have two choices always, love more or dislike more. I choose love. Everyone should.

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