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10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Life Today

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Yes, easy. It's actually easier than you think to improve your life. We stress so much about silly things and things we have no control over that we generally tend to forget about the simple things in life and the super easy ways we can improve our lives.

People are so busy these days comparing themselves to each other, trying to outdo the other guy, working two jobs, getting ahead in life and doing other stressful things that we forget to simply just be and enjoy life. Here is a small but simple list of some ways you can imp rove your life right now.

improve_life1. Smile more.

The smile is the most powerful thing we can do to change our mood yet still so few people actually do it. Try smiling next time you feel stressed out and want to scream. Smile instead.

2. Declutter.

If you have a cluttered up car or purse or wallet or maybe even a spare room is full of junk, get rid of it. Decluttering while might not be too easy, depending on what needs to be decluttered, is definitely one way to improve any area of your life. Google Feng Shui and you will see that cluttered energy saps good energy from your life.

3. Be kind.

Especially to a stranger. When we are kind to someone we don't know, we step outside of our comfort zone and become one with humanity. You will feel like you belong to a bigger group. And you do. The group of love and kindness.

4. Give without expecting anything.

Instead of giving and waiting for it to be reciprocated, just give and don't expect anything. This is called generosity from the heart, not the ego. When you give and expect something in return, that's called business.

5. Appreciate what you have.

Instead of complaining about your car, your paycheque, your job, your family and everything else you want to complain about, start taking time to appreciate these things, even if you don't really like them. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, you have them. Appreciate them. Some people don't have a quarter of what you have.

6. Get out in nature.

Especially if you are cooped up in an office all day every day. Go take a walk in the woods or down by that lake you drive by everyday. Go and sit at the park and feed the chipmunks or squirrels. Take an hour at least once a week to enjoy the great out doors. You will see life differently. Trust me on this one.

7. Unplug.

All electronics, if you can, for at least 30 minutes a day. This may cause you some stress at the beginning but you will see how this will actually help improve your life, not make it more difficult. Do this maybe while you are out in nature, or just before bed. Pick a time that will be good for you, but do it.

8. Go see grandma.

Or if you don't have cute little elderly family members to see, go visit a nursing home and see a resident who doesn't have any family to visit them. This is one sure fire way to make you smile and happy all day. knowing that you are bringing love to an empty and lonely heart is the most beautiful thing ever.

9. Do something for you.

Get a manicure, give yourself a pedicure, read a good book, sing at the top of your lungs. Whatever brings you ridiculous joy, try to do more of that. Things you have loved but keep putting off, don't put them off anymore. Go do them. We spend so much time trying to please others we forget about ourselves. You are important too.

See how easy it is to improve your life? Stress less, smile and love more and enjoy the simple things life has to offer and you will see how quickly your life will improve and how much happier you will be.

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