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8 Life Lessons for Teenagers from PewDiePie – Things I Wish I Knew

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If you've never watched PewDiePie on Youtube then I suggest you go check his YoueTube Channel out. The guy is nerdy, funny, smart and just….well, really funny.  He's a gamer and makes videos about gaming, but he's so much more than that.  You don't have to be into games at all to enjoy watching his videos, I don't play games at all and still love his videos.

This week PewdiePie made a video called 'Things I Wish I knew', which you can see below this text.

The advice is primarily for teenagers however I think a lot of it could apply to everybody in life.  Watch the video and see what you think.  Whatever you think about it, I can almost guarantee your children will love it, so pass it on to them, but do it such a way as to make your children think you're not trying to be cool 🙂

8 Life Lessons from PewDiePie


Do stupid shit now, because when you're older you'll get into trouble for it.


Follow your own god damn dreams


Don't just do something just because the 'Cool Kids' are doing it….


It doesn't matter if you're small, big or different in any way, it doesn't matter as you won't care about that when you're older.


Trying to be popular is just a waste  of time


You have to take risks to really get to where you want to go in life


Remember when other people try and call you out on something, they're doing it to mask their own insecurities.


You should like yourself

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