8 Benefits of Jogging Everyday

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When was the last time you had a good sweat? Exercising doesn't mean joining an expensive gym, messing up your life schedule and buying hundreds of dollars worth of new fashion clothes. All you have to do is throw on your pyjamas and go for a fifteen minute run every now and then in the morning or night. It helps clear your mind, strengthens your bones and muscles, and has infinite long term health benefits. Check out all the great benefits just a short jog every now and then will give you.

running1. Cures insomnia

Well, let's admit it – jogging can be hard work! There's a difference between jogging down the street in your neighbourhood and jogging through rain up a hill. The point is, there's many forms of jogging, and at the end of the day, they are all relatively exhausting! If you are suffering from insomnia, there's a good chance it is a way of your body telling you that you have not worked hard enough during the day. When we lay in bed at night, it is often because our days had been very slow and mundane – we have not exhausted enough energy for us to feel tired. If we develop a natural tiredness, we can fall asleep naturally and without any insomniatic aids. Try running.

2. Relieve stress

First thing that may happen when you start running is that you will be distracted – your mind will be too busy keeping you focused on the exercise. You will be in the zone. When you start sweating, something is happening to your body. It's a great feeling to work hard and release the endorphins involved with exercise. People who regularly do fitness are much happier than those that do not. They have a regular release of toxins from their body, and the relief of stress that comes with it.

3. Slow down the effects of aging

Our bodies naturally deteriorate over time – this is no secret. Regular jogging will slow down the effects of aging by restoring bone structure and muscle growth. Your joints and tendons will be naturally re-connected to your muscles, which support the bones underneath them. We need to maintain our health as we get older to avoid the decay of our muscles. Otherwise we will be more prone to osteoporosis and arthritis.

4. Boosts confidence

Take pride when you tell your friends that you have been running! Encourage them to do the same. If you begin a jogging habit, your leg and feet muscles will feel stronger, you will have less stress and you will feel better that you are doing something good for your body – overall your confidence will increase and people will see the light in you.

5. Develop a new hobby

Jogging is a lifestyle. People who enjoy jogging read magazines, go to new stores, and will meet different people. You will start to develop to interests in jogging literature and music. You will listen to new music when you're running and ultimately learn more about the way you think and the things you like. Every new hobby is a new step in life.

6. Balance your appetite

Perhaps you have a slow appetite and don't eat much – or maybe you eat too much! It could all be a result of not having regular exercise. Jogging regularly will aim to balance your metabolism – you will feel hungry at essential times, and satisfied at others, instead of having an irregular diet that you may have now. You will know when and what you have to eat due to the breakdown of muscles and sweat, and you won't have to think about when you need to eat next. It will all come naturally with balanced exercise.

7. Improve stamina

Of course the more you jog, the better you will get at it. But it will also improve your stamina in your day to day life. You will feel refreshed and more energized. You will rely on coffee less, and be more naturally stimulated to complete your day.

8. Support your cardiovascular health

Last but not least, jogging is just good for your health. It improves the function of your heart including blood circulation and lung capacity. Your organs will be healthier, and so will you as a whole. More oxygen will flow to your muscles to support your daily life, and you will be a healthier person at the end of the day. So why! It could be your favourite new hobby.

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