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7 Ways You Are Giving Up Your Personal Power (And How To Get It Back)

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Personal power doesn't mean to walk around with a shield and a sword and yell Hail to all my people. Power comes in many forms; some arbitrary and some mandatory to our well being. We give up our power for many reasons.

Depending on what the circumstances are our personal power will often take a back seat. It's time to stop doing that and take your power back. Let's have a look at some ways we are losing our personal power and how to get it back and keep it.

1. Blaming others.

For everything. Stop doing this. You must take some responsibility for the things have taken place in your life, most importantly, the more personal ones like relationship break downs, friendship losses, etc. I get that some things are out of our control, but not all things. The ones that we do have control over, too often, we give that control to others. It's your life, your power. Take it back and take responsibility.

2. Being a doormat.

You want everyone to get along and be happy and play nice. That's all great but it all happens at the expense of your feelings and happiness. People will start taking advantage of your good heart and kindness. Stop it now before it gets out of control. Be nice but set some boundaries or you will be taken advantage of again and again and will lose control of your own happiness.

3. Giving up on your dreams because of others.

Don't ever do that. Your dreams and goals are yours and are just as important as anyone else's. When you put them on the back burner because of someone else's dream, chances are it will stay there and you will never revive it. Don't give up on your dreams. Own them. They are yours and they are important. We all have dreams that we should manifest. All of us.

4. Passing your power on to someone else.

So basically, being a puppet. You let someone else take the reins on your life and control it. Please don't do that. Release those reins and live your life for you the way you want to, not the way someone dictates to you how it should be. I hear too often that in relationships, one person sacrifices so much, including their personal power, while the other person sacrifices nothing. This is not a relationship. If you find yourself in a relationship like this, it's time to take action and take back the person you are.

5. Being manipulated.

This can be from our partner, a family member or maybe even your boss. They want to tell you how you should do things or why you should do something for them, making you believe that they have your best interest at heart when we already know they don't. you agree so as to not argue or upset the apple cart. Flip that cart over already and tell these people you are not stupid, you know what they are up to and you are perfectly qualified to make decisions yourself. Manipulators will talk anyone into doing things for them thus the other person giving up their power. Don't be that person, just tell them no thank you, smile and walk away. Now that's power.

6. Doubting yourself.

Limiting beliefs. Convincing ourselves that we can't do something, we aren't good enough, we don't have the skills, we don't _______ insert limiting belief here. You can do anything you want. Fear will tell you that you can't. Fear is nothing. Face it bravely and fiercely and tell it to step aside. We all have fears, some of us face them, others succumb to them. Don't do the latter. Take back your power from fear and let it know who's boss.

7. Break up the pity party.

Misery loves company but you need to break up with it immediately. The more we whine and complain about shitty things are in our lives, the weaker we get and the longer we stay in victim mentality. Get out of there now. Stop the party. Get a grip and realize how wonderful life is and stop complaining. All is well.

Do you find any of these signs in your day to day activities or life? Get a handle on any of them you recognize and take your power back. It is, after all, yours.

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