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5 Effin Surprising Ways To Use The F Word For Good

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Warning: expletive language (in a good way though)

Keep an open mind while reading this. If you don't like the F word this is probably not the article for you and I advise you to turn around right now and find something else to read. You probably won't like this one bit. We re going to be dropping F bombs. But in a really good and therapeutic way.

fuckI believe that the word fuck has received a really bad reputation, rightfully so for the most part. I get that it is used mostly by the bad guys but did you also know that the word can be used to actively express something wonderful and can also be used as a fantastic stress reliever. I m not even making this up. (ok maybe just a wee bit) Follow along here and you will see that the F word is really quite versatile meaning, it can be used when we're happy, not just really angry and shouting.

1. A self esteem booster.

Let's say Mary has been feeling really low lately and down in the dumps (let's also say Mary doesn't mind the F word). She feels unloved, not so pretty and simply blah . You know she needs a big dose of cheering up and she also needs a good shot of optimism and positivity. When you see Mary you want her to feel loved, beautiful and special so you excitedly exclaim: Mary I love your dress. You look so fucking beautiful today! She immediately and instantly feels loved and special. Just using the F word in this case will leave her without a doubt that she is beautiful and will make her smile. Actually she'll probably giggle. A lot. Success.

2. A colour adjective.

That was a fucking awesome game. What a fucking amazing trip. That was the fucking best steak I've had in a long time. You get my drift here. I don't need to add more examples. When you add the F word as an adjective it magnifies how awesome the object was so there will be no doubt in your mind or whoever is listening to your story that whatever it was, it was effin good. The F word as an adjective adds excitement and movement to the description. It s all good.

3. A pain reliever.

Is that even possible? You bet. Next time you smash your baby toe on the side of the couch watch what comes out of your mouth. It isn't bubbles and fluffy kitties.   It usually is some very colourful expletive (so colourful I won't even type it out) that is only ever heard in a bar with a bunch of drunk sailors. We can scream out some pretty nasty stuff when we get physically injured. But why do we do that? Because it always makes us feel better. Oddly enough, the pain seems to lessen when we swear. Really it does. Placebo affect anyone?

4. Stress releaser.

Oh the F word, and many other colourful expletives, are very good at releasing stress. When something just isn't right, we've had enough and probably more than we think we can handle, it's time to let the F bombs fly. You know what I m talking about. You've done it a thousand times.   We are all guilty as charged but don't you ever notice how much lighter you feel after going off on a curse word spree? I find myself almost laughing at myself afterwards. Probably because some of the words sounds ludicrous but damn it sure felt good to let all that out.

5. No holding back.

Do you ever feel like sometimes you have to hold back with some people? Obviously we aren't going to drop F bombs around children or maybe even some seniors (mind you some seniors I know curse more than I do) but don't you ever just want to be your free F bomb dropping self and not feel so confined or stifled? Fire away. Let'em rip. Be you. There is nothing wrong with being uniquely you. Everyone should do that . We aren't and shouldn't be cookie cutters. We are all individuals with our own flair, personalities and gifts. Just be you.

We all know that the F word has been and probably always will be the bad word, but you can see, it doesn't always have to be so. If we just open our minds, we can see that it simply is a lovely and colourful sentence enhancer.

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