7 Things Your Soul Needs You To Know

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We, as human beings, are only an image of who we think we are.   Right now our self image is comprised of our history, our experiences, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, prejudices, and our cultural views.  All these things make up our 'Overself' (Paul Brunton), but  we are so much more than our overself.  Right at the very core of us lies a soul, that part of us that connects deeply to other  people, to the energies around us, and to the collective consciousness (The consciousness of everyone who have gone before us, are living now and those who have yet to be born).

The soul is eternal, wise beyond measure, and ever present.  When we have moments of clarity, moments of intuitive guidance, and moments of connectedness to the world, it is our soul softly whispering in our ears. It is not a separate entity, yet to us it may feel that way as we have been taught to live in a world of ego, the world of Tick Tock, as Stuart Wilde, calls it.

I believe our time here on earth is a quest to reach our soul and connect with it on a much deeper level.  It's not religious in any way, it is what it is and that's being connected to OUR soul.

7 Things your soul wants you to know

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You are not just a physical being

We think of ourselves as a physical being first and, if we believe, a spiritual being next.  This is not the case.  Our spiritual self is constantly sending us messages to prove that we are a spiritual being having a human holiday.  That little whisper telling us when something good or bad is about to happen, that whisper showing us the serendipity of life is the souls way of communicating with you.

Many of you reading this will have come to this article due to a little nudge from the soul, maybe you were about to skip by this article as you were scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and something told you to click on over, maybe a friend seen it and shared it with you.  These are signs from your soul.

You are part of a collective

you are not living this life on your own, you are part of a collective of souls, of energy that is constantly flowing through you and you need never feel alone as long as you live.  The only reason we will alone in this world is when are stuck in the ego world: "….nobody loves, everybody hates me, think I'll go and eat worms…." (A little song I heard as a child).  The truth is you are part of a much bigger family, an infinite family of souls.

Death is not final

Your soul sheds it's human exterior upon death and goes on to seek other experiences.  Life is holiday of experiences for the soul and it will move on to have other experiences as other entities, as other humans, or animals, or just float about as pure energy being part of the collective.

Reality is an illusion

Your reality is created purely in the ego world and what you believe is merely an illusion that you have created for yourself.

If you are happy and love life and everything about it, then this is the world you have created for yourself using the power of your subconscious mind, which is connected at a deeper level to your soul.  You choose to see things in a different way and feel happy instead of sad, and you realise that your thoughts, beliefs and actions are what create your reality.  Conversely if you are constantly sad and miserable, then you have chosen to surround yourself with people, with experiences and places that make you feel this way, or it maybe that you just don't know any other way, but the fact is that it's all an illusion and you can change that illusion if you:

a) Believe it's possible

b) Take action

c) Change the way you think

You are completely loved

You are infinitely loved by the Universe and everything that lies beyond.  You might not feel that way just now, but on the other side of your physical body, inside you, there lies everyone who has ever looked out for you, everyone you love and everything that has helped your souls journey through the physical plane.  Right now you have guides and angles that are taking care of you in this world, if only you slowed down long enough to hear their whispers, but they are still guiding you whether you hear them or not.  Your soul is an energy of love and light.

Your mind is the gateway to the soul

It is through the mind, particularly the subconscious mind that has a direct link to your soul.  When you practice stillness, practice control and practice control of the ego then your mind has a cleaner link to the soul.  Right now, most  humans have a weak link, or to use an telecommunications  analogy we have a dial up connection to the soul, and the more we practice soul connection the faster our connection will be, and some of us have a superfast connection, instead of 28kbps(kilo bytes per second)  we have 1.4tbs (terabytes per second)

Your mind energy is magical

When you tap into the energy of your mind and have a stronger connection to your soul you can virtually command what you want out of life.  Some people call this The Law of Attraction, but I believe this is being taught incorrectly.  I prefer to call it The Magic  and we can train our minds, with the help of soul, to have a better experience in the world we live just now.

In times where we feel discouraged, hopeless, meaningless, or insignificant, it is usually because we have forgotten what and who we truly are.  We are just visitors passing through.  If you wish to know through experience what your soul wants you to know, listen to your intuition.  It is literally the navigation system your soul has installed into your overself.  Meditate, get still, and reconnect with the part of you that is already everything you could hope to be.

Have a magical life

Steven Aitchison

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