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7 Things You Need to Ask Yourself In Order to Release Your Super powers

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You have super powers. You knew that already though, right? We all have great powers. I don't mean the leap tall buildings in a simple bounce or spin a web so fast it will make your head, er, spin kind of powers. Or fly through the air from country to country with clip on wings or fight evil warriors and take their heads as trophies. Nope not that kind of super power, though some would be fun. I mean the super powers that are buried deep inside of us. The ones that are screaming to be released. The only problem? We don't know how.

We are all born with a gift. Some of us have more gifts than others. Some of us develop gifts as time goes on. Either way, you have one or many. A gift. A superpower. Something that sets you apart from the rest. Something that only you can do, and do very well.

Sadly though, many of us keep them buried. Either we're afraid of them, don't know what to do with them or not sure why they should be released into t he world. Here are just a few things you should ask yourself to prepare you to release your gifts to the world.

1. How will my superpower impact anyone?

That's a very good question. Do you think maybe it might touch someone's heart? It could be inspirational for someone else. Maybe when they see you do it, your courage will give them courage to dig up their gift too. Or maybe it's a poem or story you wrote and published and when someone reads it the effect it has on them is so powerful it changes their life. You really don't know until you release your gift.

2. What do you get really really excited about when you think about doing?

(and I don't mean you know what) Is there something that whenever you think about it, it makes you all giddy inside and you can't wait until you can do it again? Maybe it's playing piano or maybe it's going to a painting party. Whatever it is, it sparks that flame inside of you. That flame is your gift, your superpower and it desperately wants to be unleashed .

3. What makes you stand out from the rest?

Is there one thing, one special thing about you that makes people smile, or giggle or maybe even wish they were you? What one thing can you do that is unique to you that everyone is just in awe over? You probably think it's dumb or quirky or not really that great but others think it's awesome. That. That's your gift. Do it more.

4. If you didn't have to worry about money, what would you do always and forever?

So let's say you didn't have to work for a living and you didn't really need money for anything. Let's just take money right out of the equation here. Without that complication now, what would you do always with great glee? Boom. There's your superpower!

5. What are your friends going on about?

Do they always refer people to you because you are the _____ guru? Do your friends think you are the cat's meow when it comes to this one thing? You probably don't give that too much thought and rarely think about it but that is your gift. The one thing you can take to the next level as your superpower. You may even think that lots of people can do that one thing but not everybody is you. This gift, and the way you do, is your special gift

6. What do you naturally, which you enjoy and do well?

Can you sing? Maybe you are a natural at Tarot Card reading. Think about a few things, or maybe even just one thing, that comes to mind. You do it easily, freely, and thoroughly enjoy it. That's your superpower. Use it, share it, and spread it around. People want to see it!

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when you are thinking about your special gift, your superpower. Too often, too many of us don't give ourselves enough credit. We don't think we are anything special or that we don't have anything to share with the world. You are so wrong. You are gifted and awesome and we all want you to share your gift. Really we do.

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