7 Ideas To Help You Make Money Online

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The internet seems both fake and real all at the same time.   Fake because people talk about making money online and it can feel a little too good to be true.   Real because you spend a good deal of your time on it and you know lots of other people do as well.

So, there is a big part of you that would love to make money online as you are there such a lot of the time. It seems that it would be easier to reach a good number of people and therefore create wealth and you think you could maybe build a lifestyle business that gave you a lot of flexibility, if all the stories are to be believed.

Ultimately, you are considering whether you, YOU, can make money online because it seems all well and good for all these other people but is it possible for you?

making_money_onlineAnd the answer, of course, is YES!

Making money online is ultimately the same as making money anywhere else.   You need to provide value to people and exchange it for their money and this is where a lot of online entrepreneurs drop the ball, they stop thinking of the internet as a place to meet other people.   They may see it as a way to make money without actually giving anything of value and of course, that is not you!

You do have a desire to change lives, don't you?

Yes, of course, you want to make money while doing it but make sure you never lose sight of the fact that it is people you are selling to, on the internet or off the internet.   And they need to believe that what you have is worth their time.

How do you help them see that?

You show up daily as you!

Imagine your little shop front on the high street in a local community, people come in to chat, they look at what you have to offer because they enjoy the company and then they buy.   Of course, the offline world is now mostly being taken up by huge companies and people just go in to get what they want, not necessarily for the conversation but you are not that nameless, faceless organisation and if you try to be, you will have to compete only on price.   So, how low can you go?

Possibly nowhere near as low as these big companies so in order to build your business, you have to show up as 'YOU' daily.   Let people get to know you and this is how you build a community on the internet of people who want to buy from you.   Not everyone will buy, of course but if they like who you are, they may invite their friends to the community and so you get free advertising just because you chose to be you.

So, the main starting point of any online business is the community.   I would even suggest that you start to build this audience even before you know what you are selling.   Build a group of people who share your values, your ideas and who ultimately like you and then figure out what it is that they want and offer it to them.   Your community can be built as an email list (recommended) or it could be a social media group, or business page. As an aside, it is unwise to build an audience only on a place that you do not own so I would suggest that even if you start on social media, you make your first offer an incentive to get them on your list.

Once you have started to build an engaged community who are talking back to you, think of what you can offer them for sale…

It could be a service that you provide…

It could be some information that you package up and sell to them…

It could be that you sell access to your community to other business owners who you can vouch for…

It could be that you make recommendations of products to your community and make commission on each sale…

It could be that you make your own product and you offer it for sale to your community…

It could be an event that you invite them to and either make it a paid even where they come to meet you live or maybe it is low cost/free and you make some money from other business owners' access to your audience.

It could be a network marketing opportunity where you build a team of distributors and retail purchasers form your community

The truth is, when your focus is in the right place – to connect with people and to serve them in some way – you will come up with numerous ways to make money online.   And also, the larger your community becomes, the more likely that other business owners will approach you for access.   Your big key is to build and maintain trust between you and your audience and be confident enough to ask for the sale.

And the great thing about making money online is that it is not limited to any geography.   As long as you have an internet connection and some confidence, you can start wherever you are to build an audience and make money online.

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It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

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