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7 Surprising Ways To Go From Stressed Out To Happy

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Doesn't that sound like the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard? Turn stress into happiness. How can that even be possible? When you're stressed, you're stressed. Period. Where can there be happiness in that? Happy people aren't stressed. Or are they?

Not really, well yes and no. Happy people get stressed too, they just know how to handle it slightly differently and can turn it around in a split second. So how on earth do they do that? Surprisingly easy actually.

happy1. Don't dwell.

The more we dwell on our problems the bigger they get. When you think happier thoughts, happier feelings occur. If you think about your stress all day, well your stress will appear bigger than it is. A lot of the times, things that cause us stress haven't even happened yet. Our thoughts play tricks on us and we make things up, worry about things that haven't occurred yet. Do yourself a favour, think happy thoughts.

2. Go hang out at a pet shop.

You know the one with all the puppies and kittens where they actually let you pick them up and cuddle them. How can you possibly be stressed out while petting a holding a cute little bundle of fur? Or maybe talking bird s might make you giggle a little.   Maybe even perhaps sitting and staring into a 90-gallon aquarium of anemones and starfish might put a smile on your face. Whatever your critter of choice is, a pet store is a great stress reliever and sure to make you happy again.

3. Write it out. Really.

Grab a pen and paper or if you prefer to sit at your laptop keyboard and pound on the keys, feel free. When we write out the stuff that is building up and causing us stress, it helps to actually release it. We are freeing our minds of it and putting it all out. Write until you can't write anymore then let it go. Burn it delete it tear it up into a million pieces, read it a million times if you want but get rid of the evidence.

4. Have a good cry.

I mean a really good cry. Get it all out. Sob hysterically. Turn the stereo up loud so the neighbours don't hear you and think you are sacrificing animals. Scream, yell, wail, moan, howl and cry. Release all that built up stress, hurt and anger. When you're done, you'll see how light you will feel. Actually, when you're done, you will probably laugh hysterically. It's an emotion dump and it's a good one.

5. Go for a walk down the street where all the homeless people hang out.

That may seem counterproductive but really it's great therapy. Go sit and talk to them. Make a new friend, listen to their story. Bring them a coffee or lunch, and chill out. When you listen to someone tell you about their life, suddenly yours won't seem so bad. Many homeless people are happy to have company and someone to talk to. Their happiness will make you happy and you'll feel good about yourself too.

6. Turn the music up, grab a microphone looking object and sing.

Sing to your heart's content. Sing loud, sing love songs, sad songs, thrasher metal songs, whatever song makes your heart beat hard. Singing and music are good for the soul and the emotions. Not into singing loud, then plug into your iPod and go out for a walk. Music will turn you happy in no time.

7. Breathe in happy, breathe out stress.

Sound simple? It is. Sit somewhere nice and quiet and imagine you are breathing out the stress and breathe in happy images. Butterflies, angels, birds, turtles, pandas or pink pixie fairy dust. Whatever visual makes you happy and smiling, see it, use it and breathe it in. Blow out the stress. You'll be smiling and happy in less than 5 minutes if done properly.

You can see how easy it is to make stress turn into happiness. Try one, try them all but I can almost guarantee one of these will work for you.

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