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6 Simple And Fun Ways To Fill An Emptiness In Your Life

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You have been feeling at a loss for a while now. Almost like there is something missing and you can't quite put your finger on it. The kids are all grown up and gone, or not, or maybe you don't have any kids. Either way, something is gone. There's a gnawing poke of emptiness that desperately calls to be filled. But how? How do you feel this emptiness in your life?

We're only going to discuss 6 simple and fun ways here but there are probably a million ways to fill that void. Imagination goes a long way here. If you are feeling a void, don't ignore it. That's how we stagnate. That's how we stay in our comfort zone and never bust out to live a fun and possibly an adventurous life.   If you are ready to fill some holes, try some of these fun things on for size. Anybody can do them!

emptiness1. Like animals?

Go volunteer at an animal hospital or shelter. They are always looking for a spare body. Not into volunteering? How about fostering a pet? Not into that much commitment? Offer to help a neighbour with one of their pets, perhaps their dog needs a walker. Have a zoo nearby? A farm? A wildlife sanctuary you can hang out at? You could even go sit and hang out at a dog park and watch the fun shenanigans that can go on there. Oh the possibilities are endless. If animals are your thing.

2. How about seniors?

Seniors really can be a lot of fun. If you have free time, why not pop on over to a nursing home and find out which residents have rarely, if any, visitors at all. Bring a deck of cards or maybe a puzzle or a board game (though some homes will be equipped with fun things). You could stop off at a local pastry shop first and bring some treats, coffee and have a nice visit with someone who would love nothing more than to sit and have coffee with someone. Anyone.

3. Like kids but don't have any or yours are grown now?

Volunteering at a school during lunch breaks or going on field trips with schools might be an option. Most will require you to have some police security check but these are easy enough to obtain and you should have one anyway. If you are open to a little more commitment, go check out and see if a nearby daycare needs an art and craft person or an extra pair of hands for little day trips. Kids not your thing?

4. Are you a book worm?

When was the last time you visited your local library ? Reading? Learning about current and local events? Sitting in quiet open spaces and taking in new things? Libraries are a great source, still to this day, for workshops, reading, obviously, and meeting new people. Like minded people. Some libraries even have free classes, mostly for seniors, but you should check anyway. Don't discount your library.

5. What's your passion?

Painting? Photography? Music? What makes you come alive? Find it and do more of it. Leave the house if you have to and seek it out. Search your area for people who love the same thing or maybe even join, or start, a meet up group of like minded individuals. Perhaps there are already several in your area lost and looking, just like you. Most of these clubs are free to join as well. If equipment is needed, if you are just starting, most can be bought at ridiculously great prices at second stores. Fun doesn't have to cost money.

6. Plan a vacation or a road trip.

If you can. Do you like to travel and wish you could do more of it? Then do it! Grab a friend and share the costs of a road trip. This might only be a day trip and that can be just as much fun. If you have the funds to do more extensive travel, what on earth are you waiting for? Book a trip, go alone if you have to. You'll be surprised at the other solo travellers you meet.

People, pets, places or things. So many things can fill that emptiness inside of you. It's up to you to get up, get out and do them.

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