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7 Simple Ways You Can Be A Helper Too

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We all want to change the world but we wonder how. What special skills do you have that will make a difference? Often we think we are nobody special and there isn't anything we can do to help or change the world. This is where you're wrong. Each and every one of us has unique gifts and talents that no one else has. What you think is nothing someone else might think is fantastic.

So you don't think you can make a difference? You think the world is too big for you to make a dent in its progress to global peace? Think again. Below are just a few things you can to do make a difference that will be greatly appreciated by many, much more than you think.
Donate old clothes and household items. Instead of selling them and trying to make a profit, why not donate them to a shelter? There are many people in need who can't afford to shop in second hand stores. They need help too. Holding a yard sale or selling old things to make money is financially smart but when you just give them away, from the heart, exceptional abundance will find you.

generosityGive someone a smile.

The one person you just smiled at might have been on his/her way to making rash decisions based on their state. When a stranger smiles at me, I think it's the nicest and simplest thing that anyone can do that is guaranteed to brighten up my day. They don't know if I was already sad or happy or hurt or angry but they instantly just made me smile back. Your smile will brighten someone's day and give them faith in humanity.

Say hello to strangers.

Saying hello to a stranger does many things. First it makes them smile. Second this person may be looking for some company or someone to talk to and you may well be this person. Thirdly, you just may be the only person who gave them any attention or showed them kindness today, simply by saying hello. Some people live alone and could go days without talking to anyone. By you saying hello, you just gave them the gift of human interaction and probably made their day.

Buy a homeless person a coffee.

Simple but still so few people do it. next time you are at a coffee shop grabbing your latte express and a muffin, grab one for the guy sitting across the street who looks like he hasn't eaten in days. He may even like a bottle of water or a sandwich. Really they don't care what you give them, they are just happy you noticed them and are kind enough to do something for them.

Pitch in.

Garbage is all over. Too many people don't use the trash can and aren't teaching their children to use it. Imagine if each and every one of us did that? The whole world would be clean. You can do your part. Use the garbage and if you come across someone who just threw their trash on the ground, speak up. It's your right, it's your world too. It's up to each and every one of us to educate.

Give a hug.

Though there are still a few people who don't like their personal space invaded, there are more than enough who crave human attention and affection. Give hugs. They are free and fun. People love hugs. If you're not sure, ask first. If they say no, a gentle touch on the shoulder, or a small rub on the back will make them feel good too. Any of this will warm our heart and make us feel special and let's face it, we all really want to feel special anyway.

Bring some flowers.

Do you know a lonely old senior who rarely has visitors who still lives in their own home? Or maybe they need help with things around the house or they simply want company. Go see them. bring them flowers or if it's a man, maybe a pie or some other treats. Lonely seniors love company and treats. They love treats.

It's so easy to make the world a happier place. it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg and it's the little things that no one thinks of doing that make the biggest difference in someone's life. Go be a world changer.

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