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7 Scary Mindsets That Sabotage Abundance

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You feel great"”for the most part"”and financially secure. Yet there is a niggling fear inside of you, a little voice that keeps saying: "Yes but…"

"Yes but what if my investment account isn't there for me when I'm ready to retire?" Or "What if my spouse or partner dies or leaves me and my income won't support my lifestyle?" Or "What if I become disabled, can't work and need special care?"

And perhaps scariest of all: "What if I have to stay in a job I hate just to keep paying my bills?"

Are you a hapless victim of circumstances waiting for the worst to happen? Or is there a solution, something you can do right now, to experience greater peace of mind?

The answer is yes absolutely! Because it's not your bank balance that brings abundance and peace of mind, but how you think about yourself and your money.

Check out these seven scary mindsets and begin making changes today to transform your thinking from fear of the future to welcoming abundance every single day.

1. You respect your creditors more than you respect yourself.

Not so long ago, and with great celebration, I made the final payment on a car note. During the time of that loan I scrupulously honored my commitment to the bank and made every payment in full and on time.

After patting myself on the back, I vowed I would take the money that used to go to the bank and save it in a special account with my name on it. But I never quite got around to it and I spent the money on other things instead.

By failing to honor my vow to save"”my commitment to myself"”I demonstrated I had way less respect for myself and my long term financial security than I had for the bank where I never missed a payment. And when the time came for another car, I had to go back there and borrow more money.

To sleep better at night, honor yourself at least as much as you honor your creditors.

2. You ignore your inner financial wizard.

How often have you ignored a hunch about whether to buy something new that will drive you further into debt?

Years ago I allowed myself to get talked into an expensive car lease. Meanwhile I ignored a wise inner voice that kept screaming at me to walk away from the deal.

I ended up with a lot of remorse and a lot more debt thanks to the big lease payment I was stuck with once I signed on the dotted line.

Your inner wisdom will guide you to unlimited abundance if you listen and act on the advice.

3. You hope someone else will save you.

All of us have been in difficulty at one time or another and relied on friends or family to help us out. But if this is a habit, if you are frequently the victim, and always need to beg for help at the last second, it's time to examine the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck, and make some changes.

Not doing so is like repeatedly calling tech support for computer issues but never addressing the corruption in the underlying software that is the real cause of the problem.

4. You take the easy way out.

It's a great idea to get independent input when making a large purchase like a car, a house or even an appliance. But often you want the situation resolved quickly to relieve the stress. So you buy the item on impulse, experience immediate relief, and regret it later, sometimes for months.

A friend of mine purchased a car only to be shocked a year or so later when it didn't pass inspection due to a rusty frame.

She could have avoided this unpleasantness by taking it to an independent mechanic before she bought it. But she was in a hurry and anxious about not having wheels, so traded long term frustration for temporary peace of mind and endured lots of sleepless nights.

5. You forget that silence is an essential decision-making tool.

When making a decision it is always wise to check in with that part of you that resides in silence.

To do that tune in to your inner self using the method that works best for you.

For example, sit quietly and focus on your breathing until you achieve a light meditative state. You'll know when you arrive because you will experience calmness and a sense that all is well.

You may also find this quiet inner space by taking a walk in the woods or sitting by yourself and petting your dog or cat.

However you find the silence, take time to enjoy it, then ask yourself if you are making a good decision.

Wait for an answer and proceed accordingly.Woman thinking and making plans

6. You beat yourself up over the success of others.

You hear from a good friend who is excited about a big promotion and a substantial raise, or is having terrific business success, or just received a huge, unexpected financial windfall.

While you want to feel good for them, you find yourself feeling down instead.

Feeling depressed about another's success is a shout to your subconscious mind that you are not as worthy of abundance as they are. Your subconscious mind hears and complies, keeping your own financial success away.

Take the alternate route: Celebrate others' successes as if they were your own. That way you invite abundance into your life as well.

7. You forget that you always have enough, no matter what.

You may be thinking, "yeah right," but consider this. When you feel needy like you don't have enough, people around you notice and stay out of your way, taking ideas, inspiration and money with them.

I learned this lesson during the many years I was in sales. It was when I was desperate for income, when the money was essential to pay a particular bill, that I rarely got the sale.

In fact, my manager often sent me home during these times because not only was I broadcasting fear to my prospects, but to the whole office, and he didn't want my negativity to infect the other sales people.

To counter thoughts of "not enough" take a few breaths and start listing everything that is right about your world right now, and know, really know deep down that you have everything you need.

Be like my friend who was bemoaning his arthritic knees while standing in line at the local building supply store. Then he noticed the person behind him was in a wheel chair because he didn't have legs.

My friend took a couple of deep breaths and expressed gratitude for the knees he was blessed with.

These seven scary mindsets come from nothing more than negative thoughts and beliefs that you have the power to change. When you do so you will start inviting abundance in all of its forms into your life instead of keeping it away.

And if you are really ready to rock your life and your finances, take the next step and become a master of self-talk.

Two Easy Steps to Change Your Life With Self-Talk

Step One: Pick a goal and create a positive, present-tense statement (affirmation) about it. I am ecstatic to be living in my dream house right now. Or, I love driving my new, and fully paid-off car. Or, I am excited about all the new customers I attract to my business every single day.

Notice how each of these statements starts with a strong emotional phrase"”I am ecstatic, I love, I am excited"”that adds power to your present-tense statement.

Step Two: Say one of these statements 500-1,000 times a day.

I have a mentor who is a master at self-talk and a multi-millionaire. Ask him the secret to his success and he won't hesitate to tell you: "Self-talk." If you say, "No really what is it?" He will repeat: "Self-talk."

Five hundred to 1,000 is a lot of repetitions, but I guarantee you can find the time.

Say (or think) self talk when you are driving; when you are waiting in line at the grocery store; when exercising or when you are out walking your dog; when you are mowing the lawn or watering the garden or cooking dinner, and all the other times during the day when your mind would otherwise be engaged in recycling negative messages.

Consistent, positive self-talk lets your subconscious know (in no uncertain terms) that you are ready to let go of the mindsets that are killing your dreams and become financially free. Give it a try, and look forward to an abundant life.

Try it and share your experience in the comment section below.

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