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7 Reasons Why You Should Only Focus On One Thing At A Time

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We have all multitasked before, and at some point even experienced that amazing feeling after accomplishing so many thing on our task list! Sadly, studies show that we’re better off to focus on one thing at a time.

Sure, multitasking may make you feel more productive, but the truth is you’re actually counterproductive AND you may be harming your brain! Multitasking isn’t a legitimate disease, however, you can DEFINITELY improve your wellbeing by ditching the idea of multitasking, in favor of focusing on one thing at a time.

When you focus on one thing at a time, or singletask, your brains begins to thank you. Indeed, making a small change in your multitasking lifestyle, can improve your overall health and mental state.

Here are 7 reasons (and 7 great incentives) why you should only focus on one thing at a time.

1.Your Brain Can’t Multitask – It’s Impossible!

When you leave too many tabs open on your computer, it begins to lag and run slower. Well, your brain does the same thing. When you multitask, you are not effectively accomplishing anything, but instead you are forcing your brain to rapidly shift attention between all your tasks. But, by focusing on one thing at a time, you are allowing the computer in your head to run a lot better and faster!

2. You’ll Improve Your Memory

You have a little thing called, working memory, which remembers things like where you last put the TV remote, and that you need bread and milk at the grocery store. When you are doing more than one task, your working memory can’t absorb the flood information all at once. By focusing on one thing, your brain absorbs the information and stores it for later. This way, the next time you throw your keys down somewhere, you’ll remember where they are!

3. Organically Enhance Your Mindfulness

Your attention should be treated like a muscle, and like a muscle, you need to train it to become stronger. Allowing your attention muscle to focus on one thing, the longer you will be able to support your focus. If you continue to successfully singletask, your mindfulness will increase organically and all those distractions will inevitably decrease too!

4. Become More Efficient With Your Productivity

Being productive with your work requires your energy, focus, and time. Surprisingly, you would think that multitasking would get more done in less time, but it actually does the opposite. It takes way more time to multitask than it would if you focused on one task at a time. Additionally, by focusing on one thing at a time allows you to think clearly, think creatively, become more solution-oriented, and become more pensive overall with your task. Allowing yourself to value one task at a time, results in meaningful productivity.

5. Improve Your Mental Health

Doing way too many things at once is stressful and overwhelming. When there is a constant disruption between tasks, it elevates your stress receptors. This can lead to chronic stress and eventually memory loss. Even, when you unknowingly multitask, like watching TV while you are cooking, it’s also linked to an increase in anxiety and even depression. By limiting or dismissing multiple tasks, you inevitably increase your mental health.

6. Experience Healthier Relationships

We live in a time where connectivity is a part of our modern lives. We are able to connect with people via technology easier and faster than ever before in history. Unfortunately, this can be harmful to your relationships – personal and professional. Successes within your relationships require your effort, your attention, and your connection. Suffice it say, multitasking disrupts this.

7. Strengthen Your Dedication and Discipline

When you’re single-tasking, you are committing your time and efforts to one task. Sequentially, you are practicing your self-discipline and self-dedication. Distractions, like your favorite guilty pleasures, won’t feel like distractions anymore. The more your singletask, the more you build up your dedication and discipline for all areas of your life.

By following this list, you can help improve the quality of your lifestyle and your health. Next time you try to be “productive” by doing too many things at once, do yourself a favor, and think again! Focus on one thing at a time.

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