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3 Simple Ways To Stay Motivated Even When Nothing Is Working Out

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Have you ever wake up in the morning thinking… What´s the point of this? Why should I keep working when nothing ever works out?

Well, youre not alone. From time to time, every one of us struggles with this. I know, from my own experience, how hard it is to keep working, struggling and hustling when you don´t see any tangible results.

Actually, you can do it only until you are complete lack of motivation. That´s why in this article you´re about to find out 3 simple ways to stay motivated even when nothing is working out for you.

1. Set Goals

When you´re lack of motivation, in the majority of cases it all happened because you don´t have a clear goal (or goals isn´t motivating enough). Who doesn´t have a goal, don´t know where to go.

Where you don´t have a destination you want to go, you´ll end up somewhere you didn´t want to.

In this process of goal setting, I recommend to you setting smart goals.
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bounded.

When you set goals, always start with a big goal. A goal, that almost terrifies you, because only this kind of goal can truly motivate you in hard times.

If your big goal is to be able to run 10 miles, I can guarantee you that you will not train, when you´re tired or lack motivation. But, if your big goal is to be able to run a marathon in 1 year it´s wholly different.

You can´t skip the training to reach your new goal. You will be motivated every time you think about how you finishing your first marathon after a few months.

Then, after setting your big goal, divide it into smaller easier-achievable goals. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and lack motivation again.

Unselfish goal

People are willing to do more for others, than for themselves. To use this fact, set a goal for someone else.
A runner who says “I am gonna win this for my mom“ has much higher chances to win than a runner who says “I am gonna win this because I want the trophy and money for the winner“ (of course, when their skills are the same).

Don´t forget in your goal-setting process to add at least 1 non-selfish goal. So, next time you will be tired or discouraged to work on your business and your thoughts will be all about quitting and giving up, you say…

I am gonna do it because I want to provide a better life for my family. I want my kids to go to a better school.

Can you imagine you would not be motivated, when something like this drives you?

2. Use Gratitude

Many people don´t know this, but gratitude is the most powerful tool for staying motivated no matter what´s going on. Gratitude helps you to change your current mental state, in a few seconds from negative to positive and super motivated.

There´s a great saying from Tony Robbins: You can´t be angry and grateful at the same time.

I know very well these days, when you came home from work, you´re tired because your boss was screaming on you all day, your colleagues were maybe gossiping about you and the only thing you want to do is to lie in front of the TV and do nothing.

You don´t worry about your partner, you don´t worry about your side project that should help your family live a better life (your unselfish goal). You´re focusing only on the problems you have.

The great way to overcome this feeling in a few seconds is to simply be grateful.

Be grateful for having a home in the first place. Be grateful to have a great family who cares about you. Be grateful for having a job. Keep in mind…

After you think about how blessed you are, to have all of that, that many people all over the world just dream of, you´ll immediately change your negative state into a positive and super motivated state.

I love to do it, right after I wake up. Thanks to that, I no longer have these awful mornings where I crawl from bed with the face that says: I will kill you when you speak to me right now, but I am happy and motivated to be able to live another extraordinary day.

So, every time you feel angry, discouraged, tired, afraid and so on, just use gratitude.

3. Plan Your Day

What is the time, you don´t feel motivated most frequently?

In many cases, it´s when people are overwhelmed. When you come to work and you have 5 notes on your desk all with the sign – Urgent!

When you simply don´t know what you´re supposed to do first. When you don´t have the system. When you simply let your life to randomness. Which lead only to random results. And nobody wants random results, right?

I once saw a great quote: The external mess creates an internal mess.
A solution is simple – schedule your day. Have your day strictly planned, know what you´ll be focusing on in the morning. In the afternoon. And so on.

By scheduling your day, you´ll no longer become overwhelmed, that always lead to losing your motivation and choose procrastination and laziness.

A few schedule tips for you:

• Develop Strong Morning Routine – the first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest.
• First things first – schedule your most important task first, while you have the most willpower and energy to do it.
• Block time and focus – don´t multitask. Block time for every activity and focus 100% on it.


From time to time, every person feels bad and lack motivation. That´s why it´s important to know, how to turn it around.

In this article, you discovered how to set goals that motivate you. How to change your state in a few seconds using one simple technique – gratitude.

And lastly, how to schedule your day so you won´t become overwhelmed and lack motivation again.

Follow these 3 rules and you will not be lack motivation so often, and when you do, you´ll know exactly how to overcome it.

What big goal is driving you right now?

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