7 Reasons Strong Personalities Scare People Away

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Strong personalities type people definitely own the room. They walk in and people stand in attention, and whisper. It's that hear a pin drop type of occurrence. We don't understand them and logic says what we don't understand, we fear. Is there really anything to fear from the strong personality type people?

Or maybe you are the strong personality type and don't really understand why no one wants to hang with you. You're likeable enough but you seem to repel people as opposed to attract them, and the ones you do attract, sort of get on your nerves.

Businesswoman at the center of a hurricaneEither way, if you are a strong personality or know of someone who is, here are so me of the reasons why you might be repelling people.

1. You don't take shit from anyone.

Period. If someone says something bad about you or to you, you'll stop them dead in their tracks and you aren't afraid in the least to do just that. You're not into listening to bullies push their weight around and try to control people. Some people think this is an admirable quality while the others, the bullies, won't like you much at all.

2. You don't judge.

Ever. You accept everyone exactly the way they are with no questions. Not only that, you treat everyone the same, with great respect and kindness. You don't have time for stupid mindless gossip about people and their stories from long ago. Others are threatened by this and people secretly love to gossip. If you don't want to sit and have mindless chatter about other people with them, then why would they want to be your friend. You're a threat.

3. You help the other guy and you don't believe in competition.

In this dog eat dog world where we desperately are trying to do better than the other guy, you are too wrapped up in helping the other guy. You want him to succeed. You rejoice in his victory and achievements. You will do whatever you can to help him and other people don't like that much. It's their competition you are helping. Why are you doing that? They'll never get it.

4. You are one brave badass.

You are not afraid to try new things, tackle challenges head on and face fear with a warrior mindset. Yes, you are brave and fearless. You aren't interested in cowering away from challenges and obstacles. You will deal with them like a boss. People are very intimidated by this courage because they lack it in themselves. They admire you, they fear you, they stay away from you and watch you from a distance. It's safer that way.

5. No such things as failure in your books.

You don't fail at anything. You learn, you grow and you experience. It's not called failure. You try to get other people to understand this concept and they just don't. In their minds, they have failed, in your mind, you are a champion student. This scares them away. You are far too powerful and confident for them. They fear you because they realize you are unstoppable.

6. No time for negativity or toxicity.

You are too happy being alive and grateful for everything you have. Most people want to sit around and have a bitching session about random silly things. You don't have time for that nor are you interested. Why on earth would you want to sit around and complain about little things when there is so much beauty all around you? People don't want to be around all that positivity when they are feeling gloomy. You will take away their toxicity and they aren't ready to be free of it just yet. Maybe one day.

7. You also happen to be pretty free spirited.

Which means you embrace life and people and opportunities. You love with all your heart, you explore with excitement, you dream with a great imagination and nothing is impossible to you. You love life and everything that it has to offer. You rarely say no to things and you are the first one to offer help or get on a speeding train to a faraway foreign land. People look at you in extreme awe and amazement but feel slightly inferior to you as they don't think they have anything too exciting to talk about with you. Because of that, they will just stay away from you.

Does any of this sound like you or someone you know? This person, the strong person, is not to be feared but admired and there is much to learn from this person. Take the time to do so. Your life will thank you.

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