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7 Reasons You Should Smile More

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Do you ever just walk down the street and see people smiling? Why are they so happy? Is there something in your hair? Is there something funny happening? Maybe they're listening to a comedy?

Do you ever notice when people are sitting on benches smiling? Does it make you smile in return? It might, and it does. Smiling, like yawning and laughter, is contagious and exciting. I saw a video on my newsfeed recently about a man who starts laughing on a busy subway. He's watching a funny video. People start to notice when we doesn't stop, and after a minute, everyone on the whole car is laughing together.

smilingThe truth is, he wasn't watching anything. It was a social experiment meant to test to infectiousness of laughter and happiness, and smiling works the same way.

1. Know the power of a smile

We love seeing people smile. We remember them in our day, we wonder why they're smiling, and we hope other people are smiling too. When we smile at dogs, we think that we see them smile back, and the smile of a baby can make anyone's day better. That's what we are doing when we are smiling; we can't know for sure, but we are bettering the day of everyone else around us. When you see someone smile, you might be prone to smile too, in response consciously or subconsciously. And when you smile, the same effect is happening on other people. There's someone else out there smiling with you too, whether you know it or not.

2. Smiling is healthy

They say that smiling takes only 17 muscles but frowning takes 43. While it might not be scientific fact, it's enough motivation to become something to think about. Smiling makes us feel better and feel happier without us even knowing it. Watching comedy movies when we are all alone, or have something on our mind, is something that makes us instantly feel better and forget about our troubles. Laughter is always the best medicine!

3. Smiling is something we can practice

It is popular rhetoric in the world of self-help that we should look in the mirror every morning, tell ourselves that we are beautiful, that we will have a good day, and to smile – and it's true. It works, and we should do it. It's hard to start strange routines that involve our bodily gestures, but once we get in the habit of it, mastery comes quickly.

4. Smiling is…a happy life!

Do you ever feel a bit jealous of the person at work who seems to be smiling all the time? Why are they so happy all the time? Could it be simply because they are smiling a lot? Maybe! Seems like they have been following Step 3 – practicing smiling. People who smile a lot have gotten into a habit of it, and can smile through anything. It's a way of cheering up the day, making others happy, getting through stress, and having a more relaxed view of life. They're not shy about it, so you shouldn't be either. Go ahead and brighten the room up!

5. Smiling is inviting

People respond to mannerisms and behaviours, and particularly respond to extremes. We know this because people seem to be acting crazy all the time! But people also act happy all the time, and fortunately, it's not an act. People who are smiling are people who are happy and relaxed, and others tend to gravitate towards them. It's good for your social life, and has strong interpersonal powers that allow us to grow together.

6. Smiling is love

We try not to wear our heart on our sleeve too much but the best way we can do it is by smiling. It is a subtle act of kindness, love and respect. We smile when we see our parents and loved ones and reciprocate the love. It's the best way to put our emotions on display and feel good about it too.

7. Smiling is good for your career

Smiling makes you more approachable, likeable and helps us position ourselves career wise. In many industries such as hospitality, digital and marketing, networking is the best thing we can do to advance our career. Employers who hire and create jobs want people they can get along with and enjoy the working experience together with. They want to see people who can be confident, assured and smiling! Smiling is a sign of certainty and courage. They will feel like you understand your responsibilities and enjoy doing the work. So go ahead, smile more, and get yourself promoted!

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