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7 Reasons To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Today

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The comfort zone. A place of coziness and familiarity. We like it there because it's just so safe. Nothing changes there and that's ok. We don't really like change anyway, or do we? You hear it all the time. Get out of your comfort zone. But why should we? What so special about things outside of our comfort zone?

It's true. The comfort zone certainly is a safe and cushy place to be but we can't go on living there forever. That's not living anymore, that's just existing and waiting for the end to come. There is a whole big beautiful life outside of that zone. Here are a few reasons why it might be time to get out there.

outside_the_box1. Broaden your horizons.

Another cliché but this one has good a purpose. We can learn a lot from the internet, books we read or watching tv. Imagine how much more you can learn and discover when you get out and talk to people who actually did the things you are reading about. Get the real story right from the horse's mouth and make a new friend at the same time.

2. People really are great.

Speaking of people, your next best friend could be outside of your comfort zone. Some of us long to have that one person that you just connect with instantly but often we don't know where to look and doubt that person even exists. That person might be at the library or the coffee shop. You go by these places every day on your way to or from work, why not stop in and see what's going on? There might be someone just like you, hoping to meet someone just like you.

3. New experiences equal new passions.

It's when we get out and try new things, things that maybe we've only ever dreamed of or thought of, that we can discover if we like them, love them, or if they are the key to our purpose or passion. When you get out of your comfort zone and actually try the things you've always been thinking about, that's living. You're not dreaming anymore.

4. Great stories.

Who doesn't love a good story? You can talk about that time when you went sailing and the waters are rough and you saw a tuna the size of a house, you get the idea. Wouldn't it be great to be able to be on the story telling side for a change instead of always being just the listener? There is a wonderful satisfaction in saying, yes I did that. Great personal satisfaction.

5. Got a bucket list?

They aren't just for writing things out and reading them over and over again and dreaming. Write it out, do it. You might have some big bold fears to face as you knock things off your bucket list but that's ok. Life isn't meant to live on your favourite couch just writing out your dreams and reading about them. Life wants you to go out and get to those things you've always wanted to do. Go do them.

6. Yes, you can be an inspiration.

We don't think of ourselves as inspirational or motivational or anything like but did you know if you get out and do at least one thing out of your comfort zone you may very well be the inspiration that someone needed to step out of their zones. You may not know it and they may not come out and thank you or tell you but know that you just may be that person who gave someone the push they needed. Be someone's inspiration.

7. What's next?

Once you get started stepping out of your zone and trying things suddenly you will realize that there are actually many more things you would like to do but never thought were possible because you were stuck in a zone.   When you get a taste of how fun and beautiful life really is out of that zone, the sky is the limit.

Have you been thinking it's time to get out and do things? Have you been feeling antsy and restless? Those are your signs, your clues, it's time to get out and do things, go live life. From the other side of your comfort zone.

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