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7 Lessons They Should Include In School

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How many times have you heard it? These kids today. Almost like there is no hope for them. It's almost like everyone today thinks there is no hope for our future, for our kids, because of our kids. Some say our children today are too entitled, some say they aren't disciplined enough and others think that all respect has completely gone out the window.

They all could be right. I would like to think there are still some good kids out there being raised with strong values and morals. It's not easy raising children today. So many distractions and rules. I believe that most parents are doing their absolute best. We do the best with what we have, and what we know.

lessonsMaybe there should be other lessons in school. Lessons in life that our children should learn in school that are mandatory in being a decent person. We teach them as much as we can, as do the teachers, but in reality, when are they ever going to use algebra?   How about some of these lessons instead of how to use the periodic table in Science class?

1. Equality.

How to treat everyone equally. Wouldn't that be a great class? No racial discrimination, no status discrimination, just total and complete equality. Little Johnny might be poor but he still is a person with feelings. And maybe Jenny has a different skin colour but she still is a really nice girl. With feelings. This would be a fun class with interaction and class participation.

2. Respect.

Be nice to your neighbours. Be nice to yourself. Treat people and things with respect and dignity, no matter what. We must teach our children that as a human race, one race, we are all the same and should treat others the way we want to be treated. With kindness, love and respect. Show them that in order to be trusted, liked and appreciated, trust is important.

3. Kindness.

Teach them how to be kind. Show them how to be kind. Have exercises in class where they must be kind to the one student in the class they don't really like (because face it, kids will be kids and they won't necessarily always like each other). Teach them how to be kind to people who are less fortunate, or sad or lonely.

4. No violence zone.

Show them, powerful messages, videos even, of how devastating violence is and bullying is and how horribly brutal it is and that there is no love in it. None whatsoever and all we want to do is be love, have love, spread the message and energy of love. teach them that violence can lead to tragic deaths that could be one of their family members. It also could lead to suicide. Teach them. No bullying, no tolerance, no violence, no guns.

5. Independence.

They should have a class, sub divided into different life categories. Taking care of your bills, finding a job, the value of money, how to read a map and all those other mundane little tasks that no one ever teaches or even thinks about teaching. Kids need to learn these things so when they are ready to go off on their own, they can go with confidence. They can also go with an open mind and be ready to learn new things as they grow.

6. The self team.

Self respect/esteem/confidence/love/worth. If this is caught and taught early enough, with the continued efforts of parents after school, the world will be full of loving, caring and respectful individuals in 20, 30, 40 years and onwards. Our children should learn the value of their self worth and the worth of others around them.

7. Meditation.

The Dalai Lama said it best if every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation. That's mind blowing. Can you even imagine that? Why aren't they taught how to meditate? Why don't they have a mindfulness class?

A life school. We need more of those. Imagine how beautiful and loving the world would be if we taught our kids these valuable life lessons?

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