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5 Reasons Getting What You Want Might Not Be Good For You

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You've wanted this thing for so long. This person, this car, this house, this job, this ______ (insert desire). It's all you can think about. You want it so bad. It's all you can think of. You look at pictures, daydream about it. It almost consumes you. Your neighbour just got that same car you wanted and you're dying inside. You are happy for them but jealous at the same time.   You've had your eye on that internal job for months, but your co-worker got it instead of you.

So why not you? Why you can't have those things you want? Why is it that all those things you want, seem to elude you? We all hear that good things will come to you if you stay positive and put out your intention. So where is it and why did the other guy get it and not you?

getting_what_you_wantSometimes not getting what you want is a brilliant stroke of luck. Here's why.

1. The business just collapsed.

You thought you really wanted that job in that business but instead you took another job. 6 months later that business you thought was awe some just closed down. Lucky you. But is it luck? The universe knows and lined you up to prevent you from future stress. Not all jobs you think you want are actually good for you. The money may be good but money isn't everything. Not getting that job has given you the opportunity to rethink your career path.

2. That person that you have been admiring for a while and would really love to date?

They're in jail now. Phew. Ok so maybe a bit extreme but you get the point. We think we know someone and they appear to be so great at the start and you are sure they are your perfect match and you daydream for hours about marrying them. Then boom. Turns out they aren't so picture perfect after all. The universe saved you again. It also is giving you time to prepare yourself for that person who is perfect for you.

3. Changing the course of your life.

We really don't know what is ahead. We can plan tomorrow but anything can happen between now and then. Life will throw many curveballs at you but the trick is to learn how to juggle them and toss them back.   With every experience and every thing you thought you wanted and lost, you learned something new and grew.

4. There is something better for you.

You thought that person or job or car was great and when you didn't get it, it made you sad but then out of the clear blue comes something totally unexpected. Something fantastic and way better than what you first thought you really wanted. A better job, better deal on a car, nicer partner. Bigger better nicer, there is something definitely better just around the corner for you. Be patient.

5. You'll get better at rolling with changes.

When things don't go your way, things don't come to you, you get turned down for things, etc. Eventually you will grow from all the changes and become more open minded and learn how to deal with them. You will also see that better things happen and your attitude will be more positive too.

The saying holds true. Not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. At first we don't recognize it as such. For a lot of us, what happens is we get frustrated, angry or even depressed when what we want doesn't transpire for us. We question it and ourselves. We wonder what we did wrong and why can't we have it. In reality, you have done nothing wrong and it has everything to do with the fact that the universe knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Have faith and let go.

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