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6 Ways To Stop The I'm Not Good Enough Voices In Your Head

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We all hear them. Those insane little voices that tell us not to do something. Those annoying and powerful voices that remind us that there is something we absolutely can not do because we don't know how or we're not good enough. No matter how faithful you are to positive thin king and the power of the mind or the Law of Attraction, every now and then, one of those voices creep up and say I can't do that, I'm not good enough .

voicesSome of us are powerful enough to stop those mean voices while the rest of us still struggle and succumb to the meaning. That voice is right, I am not good enough. But wait, you are and it definitely is easier to shut those voices up than you think. Here are 6 simple tips you can implement next time you hear those annoying voices.

1. Remind yourself of the things you have accomplished so far.

You've come a long way baby. There are a million things you have done to date. Make a little list, either mentally or manually of all the things you once thought you couldn't do or weren't good enough to do but in fact you accomplished anyway. You may have even defied some odds. If that voice is tel ling you you can't do something, remind yourself that you, in fact, can.

2. Where is the voice coming from? Is it fear based?

Does it come from a child hood memory or maybe a memory from an old relationship where a partner was always telling you you weren't good enough. Once you establish what the source is, you can assess the situation better and then remind yourself again, you are good enough and you can. Trauma from childhood or even abusive relationships takes time to heal. Maybe you are still in the healing stages. Have faith. You will heal, and you are good enough.

3. Give this some serious thought.

Think about what it is that you are ab out to embark on. That voice telling you you aren't good enough just might be your intuition warning you of danger or trying to tell you that what you want to do just might not be in your best interest. Think about it seriously and pay attention to your gut feeling. Have you tried doing this before with poor results and maybe someone got hurt? Maybe that someone was you? Make sure that whatever it is you are embarking on is for your higher good and for the good of others.

4. Self talk is powerful.

Any personal development guru or life coach will always tell you to pull out your self talk tool, and for good reason. It's powerful. Tell yourself, out loud, in the mirror, whisper a scream in your head, that you are good enough and you can do it.   Sometimes this may have to be repeated over and over again. That's ok. Do it. Put the emphasis on the am. I am good enough. Yes, you are.

5. Why aren't you good enough?

If you seriously think you aren't good enough, then jot down the reasons and see if they are even justifiable. Maybe it is just fear or the limiting beliefs you've been telling yourself for too long. When you write things down and look at them, when you read them back, often they make no sense. It's mostly just nonsense talk. Make a list and check it twice and soon you will see that you are good enough indeed.

6. Get out the post it notes.

Write out in bold black letters, or whatever colour you prefer really, that you are good enough. You are fantastic. You can do anything you set your mind to. You are ______ fill in the blank. Next time a you're not good enough thought creeps up read one of your sticky notes or make another and write it out in big bold letters, I am good enough.

Fear and our limiting beliefs are funny things. They want to control us and our thoughts. Sometimes we let them, but you need to take back control of your mind, because after all, it is your mind. The not good enough trap is just that. A trap. A fear trap to stop you from living life and doing awesome things with your life. Go do them. You are good enough.

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