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7 Vital Reasons Why Not Taking Life So Seriously Will Make You Happier

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There is an expression that goes something like this, "take life less seriously, you'll enjoy it more". Powerful words and they hold a lot of truth to them. Too many people today are stressing over everything. Bills, work, kids, marriage, family, you name it, we're stressing over it. Doctors are prescribing high blood pressure medication faster than the labs can make them. What's it all for really? All the fuss and stress and worry. All it does is lead to high anxiety, high stress, more tension, anger and frustration. The end result? More prescription drugs, more heart attacks, strokes, and broken families. None of that spells happy.

Don't we all just want to be happy? Live peaceful, joyful happy lives? Isn't that what life really is all about? I truly believe we are here for an awesome adventure. One of love, light and laughs. Not struggle and pain.

7_ways_happinessHere are a few reasons why you should just relax and not take life so seriously anymore.

1. Just say no to big pharma.

That's right. The less you stress, the less you will need those prescription drugs to calm you down. Have you ever noticed that the one thing you stressed over so much about, in the end turned out to be not such a big deal after all? Don't forget that. Stop stressing over things that don't deserve so much negative energy. And speaking of negative energy….

2. When we take life too seriously, a lot of that time is spent having negative thoughts or giving out negative energy.

Why would you want to do that? Did you know it takes just as much energy to put out a positive vibe as it does a negative one? Choose positive first and always. Your day will go much smoother and you will end your day on a happy note (minus the relax pill the doc gave you).

3. You won't miss the good stuff.

You know that time when you were really stressed out and something really awesome happened but you missed it because you were too busy being stressed? Ya that. It stops happening when you learn to chill out and enjoy random awesome moments.

4. A happy magnet.

When you become happier and less serious, you attract happy and less serious people into your life and that can only mean one thing. A fun happy life. Being stressed and anxious all the time will repel people. Now if that is your intention then keep it up. But if you're wondering why no one comes around anymore, well that's why, because you are too uptight all the time and no one wants to hang around an uptight person.

5. You'll say yes more than no.

And trust me, saying yes to super cool things is way more fun than saying no all the time. Be brave and bold. Bust out of your box. Take life by the reins and go do some fun shit. When was the last time you said no to something and then later regretted it? Live with less regrets. Say yes.

6. That wasn't meant to hurt you.

Stop taking things so personally. Let your guard down a bit. Work on your self-esteem if you have to but don't take offence to everything people say. People aren't generally mean and no one is out to hurt you or get you. Relax. Learn to let things roll off your back. You probably care more about what they s aid then they do. That just makes no sense. Let it go.

7. And speaking of people. People really are, for the most part, very nice.

Look for the good first and foremost. I get that first impressions make all the difference in the world but sometimes they can be a little deceiving. Give people a chance to show you how kind they really are. Don't be so quick to judge or not open up to new people you meet. One person could turn out to be your best friend in the world. Let loose and have some fun. Enjoy people more.

Only good can come from taking life less seriously. You just miss out on so many things when stay in the lines. Remember as a child colouring outside the lines and having fun? Not caring what anyone thought? Just being our awesome unique selves and making friends along the way? Do that again.

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