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6 Things You Can Fill Yourself Up With When You Feel Empty Inside

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We all have days like this when for no particular reason we feel so empty inside. The feeling is so weird that you can't decide whether you're okay or depressed. It's a weird kind of hollowness. The feeling is so un-describable that you don't even feel like it's a good reason to take a day off. So you follow your routine heartlessly and have the worst day ever.

So I tried a lot of things to make myself feel better and after a while I realize that there are actually a few things you can fill yourself up with when you feel empty.

1- Eat Chocolate

It's the first thing you should eat in the morning when you realize it's that kind of day. It's now scientifically proved that if you have chocolate in the morning, you'll have a better day. It always helps. You'll definitely feel a positive boast. However keep in mind not to fill in too many chocolate that you put on a lot of weight.


2- Make Someone Laugh

I know it sounds weird that how can you make someone laugh when you are so down yourself but trust me it works every time. Doesn't matter how silly the joke might be but try to make someone laugh and you will actually feel better.

3- Kindness

Kindness gives you the most amazing kind of positive energy. You feel a sense of satisfaction deep within. Help the first person you see in need. No matter how small or big it is just go and help. It provides inner peace and it doesn't costs a dime.

4- Listen to Positivity

When there's not much positivity around you, put on head your headphones, make a play list of all the positive and party songs and sing along. The best thing I did was making my happy playlist because whenever I was extremely down, it always made me smile out loud.

5- Day Dream

It's another weird way to feel better. Try to imagine yourself in the most amazing scenarios you can think of. It can either be walking down the red carpet in the Cannes film festival or doing a world tour depending upon your interests. It will cheer you up. But remember too much day dreaming can also lead into depression so keep in mind to stay in a limit.

6- Shake it off

Lock your room, turn up the music and do the most absurd dance steps as you can. Shake off the emptiness! You can also invite you friends over because these kinds of things are more fun with friends. You'll end up laughing like crazy in this one and even forget that you were down.

By the end of these steps you will definitely feel better. All you need in this situation is a little bit of positivity. Remember nobody is coming to make you feel better; it's only you who can truly make you feel better. So fill yourself up with a boast of energy and start over!

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