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10 Astonishing Things You Need To Know About Your Brain.

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The brain comes in at #3 as the body's largest organ. Skin, of course, is #1. I'm continuously amazed at all the functions of, not only the brain but, all t he body's organs. It's almost magical how all these organs work together to help us exist. I'm always researching and discovering fascinating things about our minds, our bodies and the world we live in. My curiosity led me to some great articles about the beautiful brain. I thought I'd share some very neat things with you.

1. The man's brain actually weighs 100 grams more than the woman's brain (thought I'd put that as #1  ).

Oddly enough, it's the exact same size it just happens to weigh more. What's even odder about this fact is that it doesn't make them smarter. Go figure.

brain 1 (2)2. Millions and millions of tiny things.

There are about 100 billion cells in human brain enabling 100 trillion nerve connections with nerve cells for messaging. That's a lot of activity going on which makes the brain the control centre.

3. The human brain is bigger than a chimpanzees.

Three times bigger actually.   Put our brain beside a sperm whales however and the term size matters comes to mind. The whale's brain is almost 8 times the size of ours (and apparently they are way smarter than we are)

4. Cell eating cannibals.

Those billions of cells in # 2 will start eating themselves if you don't feed them. Their main food source? Energy. Keep them energized or they'll turn into zombies. Even though the brain only takes up 2% of your body weight it uses up 25% of your energy. Feed it well.

5. Sleep how much?

If you don't sleep enough your brain will shrink and become stressed. If you sleep too much your brain goes into overdrive (yes it still works hard while you're sleeping) and when you wake up after too much sleep it almost fee ls like you are intoxicated or dozy. That's because the brain is confused and feels blurry. You should aim for the target amount of hours which is 6-8 every night.

6. No pain no brain.

Did you know the brain feels no pain? Brain surgeries can be and are performed while the patient is wide awake. The brain has no pain receptors. The only reason why we feel pain is because the brain is warning you that something is dangerous and can be potentially fatal so you need to pay attention immediately.

7. What you see is not what you get.

This blows my mind. What you are looking at is just the brain's way of visualizing it for you. It's not actually what it is. The brain has to guess at what we are looking at. Have a look at the McGurk effect if you ever have time. It's a fascinating video.

8. Earworm get out of my head.

You know those songs. You only hear a verse and you sing it over and over. Yup an earworm. Your brain really dislike s these. It wants you to finish the song and move on with it already. As with any thought, the b rain needs you to follow through with them right to the end.

9. Black out drunk.

It takes 6 minutes for the effects of alcohol to reach the brain. That's not really a long time. When you drink too much and then forge t or black out, it's just the brain's way of letting you that it's on a holiday at the moment an d doesn't have the ability to create any memories for you. 10. Left brain right brain? No such thing. Your brain works as one unit, as a whole, to deliver all the information it needs to get to you.

I continued to follow link after link but my brain was becoming overloaded and then #8 happened. It wanted me to finish up my research already. So I did. I still like #1 the best.

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