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6 Things You Shouldn't Stress Out About

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We live in a society where, ideally, we would love everything to run smoothly and perfectly but when it doesn't, we freak out. We do. We yell or cry or throw things, sometimes temper tantrums, we call everyone we know and frantically explain to them that life, as you know, it has crumbled to the ground and there's nothing you can do about it. And that's only because the car didn't start today. There are many things you shouldn't stress out about. The car not starting is only a small example.

From work to family, many things in our lives are triggers to stress. Some things we actually can control, others, not so much. So what do we do about the things we can't control? Let them go, really. So what are some of the things we shouldn't stress about that we probably are anyway?

ego_super_ego1. Your appearance.

Many people fret over their weight, their skin, the size of their nose, their grey hair or wrinkles. We all want to be picture perfect. You are already. You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. Why do so many of us desperately try to make ourselves look like something we're not to try to be better looking? Plastic surgery, Botox, fillers. You can't fix perfection, which is what you are.

2. Do they like me?

Who cares? You should like you. If you don't like you how do you think other people are going to like you (even though you really shouldn't stress about that anyway). Like and love yourself first. The rest will fall into place and you will attract the right people to like and love you.

3. Will I fit it?

Why would even want to? None of us are born to fit in. We are here to stand out and make a difference. A big difference. Hard to do that if you are too busy stressing about how to fit in. We want people to like us and accept us but why do we change who we are for that to happen? They won't be liking the true you, then. They will be liking or accepting a modified version of the real you, which is never successful in the end.

4. I failed.

No you didn't. There is no such thing as failure. You had a vision, you brought it to life, you learned many things along the way and in the end, the vision was put to rest. The end. There is no failure here. You won't know what you can or can't do unless you attempt something new. Keep at it.

5. Do I have enough money?

Are you still doing the stress over money thing? the more you stress about it the more you will have less money. Let that go. Remember the universe hears everything you say and operates at the same vibrational level you do. The more you stress about not having enough money, the longer it will keep you in that zone. Do yourself a favour. Open to receive from now on.

6. Trying to please everyone.

Stop that right now. You won't. No matter how hard you try. You will not succeed which will result in even more stress for you. Please yourself first. Never mind anyone else. When they see you are happy, then they will be happy too. Or not. Who cares? It's not up to us to make everyone happy. It's up to us to make us happy. Everyone else can work on making themselves happy. That's not your job.

We should all learn to just relax, enjoy life and be who we are without trying to conform or mold ourselves into what society wants us to be to fit in. Stand out, be you, be happy and embrace your uniqueness. There is no one better at being you than you. Chill out.

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