6 Simple Steps To Success In Life

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Success means different things to different people. For some it is having A-list blog, for others it is marrying a millionaire or writing a bestseller.

Defining what success is for you is important. You will most probably need Q&A session with yourself for that.

When it gets crystal clear you know what your goals are and where you want to be. That's very good.

But what happens next?

How many times have you decided to become someone, to change something, to achieve, to create, to do "¦?

And how many times you actually changed, achieved, created, etc"¦ ?

And why is that?

Most probably because we did not do what it takes to succeed? Most probably it's because we never gave our decision a chance to come to live.

When I looked back at my modest list of personal achievements I found out that the way to those achievements took the same 6 small steps.

Let me share them with you and maybe reaching success will not seem unrealistic dream anymore.

1. Start

Someday"¦ soon"¦ in the future"¦ in x days or weeks or months"¦ later"¦ these are the usual phrases we all hide behind.

Procrastination and laziness keep us from making the first steps and we put things for "later".

"Later" is a very dangerous term because it has tendency of transforming into "˜"˜never".

As a result we all have goals we never reach because we never get to the point to start.

Remember "“ journey starts with the first step.

So take that first step, start now.

You may as well announce about it to make sure that you feel accountable.

2. Focus

"If there are 9 rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one."
Jack Ma

There are many people fighting for your attention. There are many distractions getting on your way.

Your goal may need some sacrifices and prioritizing. You will need to give up some things or at least postpone them for later.

Focus on the most important at the moment "“ i.e. reaching your goal. Allocate time and effort on things, which will get you closer to the desired result.

And proceed one goal at a time, otherwise you risk having mediocre results at the end.

3. Believe

You have to believe that you will succeed all along. You need to have the true faith that your success is a matter of time.

Collect all your doubts, wrap them up and put them aside. Diminish their role and don't let them influence your decisions and actions.

Reduce the time you spend with people who discourage you to the possible minimum.

Communicate with those, who encourage, support and believe in your success as much (or even more) as you do.

Read inspirational blog posts, books and true success stories. If others can "“ you can too.

As Robin Sharma points out "“ Your "I Can" is more important than your IQ.

4. Keep going

Things will not work out immediately but don't get discouraged and give up too soon. The most important one of the steps to success is to keep going forward.

Getting even millimeter closer to your goal today from where you were yesterday is already an achievement.

5. Celebrate small victories

Most probably you will not reach your goal overnight, but you will reach different small milestones in-between.

Celebrate those small victories, because they are the counter arguments to your doubts and insecurities.

With each small victory you get closer to your big goal and each small victory is equally important in getting where you want to be.

You deserve a treat and a small break after each one of them.

After all, success in life is not to be celebrated on your deathbed or read out on a eulogy, is it?. It is all about the journey.

6. Look back and say thank you

Great! You are finally there! You got where you wanted to be.

Now what?

Now look back and you will see that there were many people who helped you out along the way. Get back to all of them and thank for their help, support, advice and encouragement!

It will not take huge amount of time or effort, but it will mean a hell lot to them.

These are 6 simple steps to success in life. Each one is simple on its own. Yet surprisingly, taking these simple steps will definitely get you there.

That's all for now. Wish you success, whatever it may mean to you.

Please feel free to share your recipe for success with us.


Original Source of Article Posted with Kind Permission from Ani Alexander



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