6 Reasons Why You Might be Feeling Bad Now

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One of the main reasons popular advice such as repeat affirmations or do something new rarely help people feel good on the long term is that they focus on momentary improvement rather than focusing on root causes.

If you want to feel happy on the long term then you should deal with the root causes lying deep down in your mind.

Here are 6 reasons why you might be feeling bad now along with advice on how to deal with them:

You are escaping from your problems: By doing something new, thinking about travelling, sleeping most of the day, shopping, doing a bad habit, developing an addiction or even becoming a love addict. The only way to long term happiness is the permanent fixation of your problems rather than depending on quick fixes that has an effect that lasts for few moments.

You are ignoring the signals: When something goes wrong with your body your mind usually sends signals of pain so that you take action. The same thing happens with emotional problems, the only difference is that the signals come in the form of bad moods, mood swings, bad dreams and insomnia. Learn how to understand these signals and to respond in quick manner so that you don't give yourself the chance to feel bad for prolonged periods of time.

You are feeling guilty: When you do something that you didn't like you will feel guilty for a day or two but what about people who keep doing the things that they dislike everyday? That would result in a tremendous amount of accumulated guilt. Procrastination, bad habits, addiction and all other things that you do on daily basis are adding some guilt to your mood each day. Stop them in order to feel good.

Your priorities are incorrectly set: You hate stress but your job is stressful. You dislike driving but you drive to far places to see your friends and want to be happy but many of your choices are based on getting more money and fame rather than happiness.

You think that time can heal you: A girl who was betrayed by a close male friend at a young age might live her whole life with fear of trusting me and guy who was chased by a dog at a young age might live his whole life fearing dogs. If time can heal wounds it would have healed those people but the truth is that only you can heal yourself when you start taking actions.

You are procrastinating: How many unsolved problems are you leaving behind because of procrastination? Procrastination allows bad moods to increase and in the same time adds guilt to them thus resulting in ruining your overall mood.

If I was to point out a single thing that would help you get over all of these issues it would be taking action right now!!

Don't allow your problems to accumulate, respond as fast as you can and don't escape
Only then you will experience true happiness.

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