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6 Reasons You Should Never Quit!

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Sometimes we just want to throw in the towel. We've had enough. Enough of all the crap that life continually deals us. When is enough? How much more crap do you think you can take before you just want to jump in the life raft and drift away to smoother waters?   You've been struggling to learn a new skill, trying to manifest your dream, trying to change your life, you name it, you've been trying and you have just about had it. You are ready to quit. I'm telling you, don't!

Quite often, changing anything or learning something new is hard, challenging, frustrating, exhausting and sometimes almost pointless, or so it seems. It's all that, minus the latter, and then some. As much as our comfort zone calls us and lures us into contentment, it also keeps us from change and trying new things. fear then steps in and wants us to quit. Whatever we are changing isn't going to work so give up now.   Here are 6 reasons to not listen to that and not give up.

don_t_quit1. Believe in yourself.

First and foremost is you have to have faith in yourself. Once you get that mastered you will have no doubt that what you are trying to accomplish will, in fact, work out just fine. Learn to build up your self confidence. When you do that, you will see that no task will be too hard for you to accomplish. Don't give up. You can do it.

2. Personal satisfaction.

When you quit, you'll hang your head down in shame, ashamed for your self, but also, you will feel like a total failure. Though you aren't actually one, the feeling will still be very overwhelming. It will get to the point where it will almost make you angry at yourself. Don't do that. That's too much negative energy and that feeling will linger for a long time. Just complete your task and beam with pride that you did it.

3. Rewards are awesome.

Who doesn't love personal rewards and treats? When you are working so hard to complete something or achieve something and then you finally do, go celebrate, reward yourself. Take a trip, buy a treat, take a day off, whatever. Personal rewards are important in our growth, self esteem and confidence building. Decide on your reward and work your arse off to get it.

4. Next?

When you have accomplished this task and pride yourself on your perseverance and all the learning it took to realize this dream, you will soon see that there are no limits. You'll be raring to go for the next challenge and the next task and the next dream or goal or plan. Once you see how much faith you have in yourself there will be no stopping you. Set the bar a little higher next time. Set new personal little goals and different reward levels. Why not? Think of the fun you will have.

5. Surprises await you.

Who knows what sort of mysteries, treats, surprises and other mind blowing things may reveal themselves once you've completed your mission. There may be new and exciting people that came with this, or quite possibly even a new job. Maybe a new love interest? Can you imagine if you quit now and quite possibly miss out on all kinds of new and exciting things in your life? What's around the corner? No one knows but you can be sure that it probably is awesome and can only aid in your personal development.

6. No regret.

We definitely don't want to live with regret. No matter what. Imagine the feeling you will have in 5 or 10 or even 20 years if you quit now. You'll forever kick yourself in the arse for giving up and you will always have that what if feeling, which I can't imagine would be a great feeling to have. Keep going, you can do this. Live with no regrets.

Though pushing and working and pushing is hard, the rewards and the personal satisfaction, achievement, growth and development makes it all worth it in the end. Don't give up. You so got this.

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