6 Great Questions to Find Your Purpose in Life

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Have you ever asked yourself 'Why the hell am I here, what is my purpose in life'?

I believe there are two reasons we were put on this amazing place we call 'Earth':

1. To find out what our purpose is

2. To start living our purpose and do what we were born to do.


You are here to make a difference in the world, to leave your mark, to say 'I made a difference' when you are lying in your bed waiting in the crossover lounge, you were born for a reason, and the first part of the puzzle is to find out why you were born.  Some people go to their graves never knowing the reason, but you have an amazing chance to do just that.

For hundreds of years we were not taught to think for ourselves, we were taught to obey and didn't  even thought about our purpose, it didn't even occur to us to ask the question.  But, we are free thinkers now, we can dream, we can create our own reality and truly find out the reason we were born.

Here are six questions you can ask yourself if you want to find out your purpose


1. What makes you forget the world around you?

When I am writing, creating images, creating websites or helping others to do better online, I lose track of all time.  I am in the zone and time and space just doesn't seem to exist.  One minute it is 8am and the next minute it is 1pm.  I lose track of everything and even forget to eat.  There have been many times, Sharon has come home from work and asked what I had for lunch and I suddenly remember that i have forgotten to eat lunch.

Do you have something that you do that makes you forget everything around?

2. How can you get outside your comfort zone?

You will never grow as a person if you don't start getting outside your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is a place of safety, a place where you feel, well, comfortable.  But you will never grow within your comfort zone.

If there's something you fantasize about, something you've always dreamed of and wished you could go for it, but your reasons are you don't know how to, or you are worried what others may think, then you need to stop for a second and tell yourself if you don't do it now, then you may as well forget about it.

3. How are you going to save this topsy turvy world we live in?

There are a hundred and one things that need saving in this world.  Pick one and start implementing your plan to save it, anything to get you going: he health system, the education system, the local community hall, the local church, abused animals, anything at all.  Your purpose may be to save the world, one cause at a time.

4. What would you do with your time if you weren't allowed in your house from 8am – 7pm, didn't have to work, and your children were being taken care of?

Bit of a strange question this, but can you imagine what you would do if you didn't have to work and you weren't allowed in your home.  What would you do with all the extra time you had?

You see, we get really comfortable lying around the house or busying ourselves with unimportant tasks, and it's only when we stop for a few seconds and realize that the time we spent doing something unimportant could have been spent figuring out something more worthwhile to do.

5. What is your dream?

Many of us forget about pursuing our dreams as they seem fanciful and will never come to fruition.  The more you keep thinking about a dream you have the more your subconscious mind will start working out ways to make it happen, instead of dismissing your dream as 'just a dream.'

6. How can I make it happen?

The better questions we ask ourselves the better the answers will be, see 34 Thought Provoking Questions.  Your subconscious mind again will start working out ways to answer your question.

So, if you constantly ask 'Why do i never get what I want in life?' Your subconscious mind will go to work to help you find the answer and it will always be negative.  Whereas if you constantly ask yourself 'How can I make this possible?' your subconscious mind will get to work and start looking for ways to get you what you want.


Let us know what your purpose is in life, if you have already found it.  If not tell us what you're going to do about it.



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