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5 Ways To Summon Motivation

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Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes, from Facebook posters to Youtube channels, meditative chants and simple exercise. Perhaps just a little walk around the block is a nice thing to do to get the blood flowing! Sometimes our favourite motivators and techniques grow habitual for us and don't quite get the same response out of us. Here a few things you can do at home and work to give yourself an extra boost during the day if you're just feeling a bit low.

motivation1. Reflect on your favourite parts of you

If you're struggling to find incentive, look no farther than the mirror. One of the best things you can do to give yourself a boost is taking a moment to highlight and reflect on your best qualities, or the ones that you like the most. If it seems a bit narcissistic to you, that's ok – you deserve to respect yourself just as much as you respect others. Maybe you're really good at doing your makeup; your eyebrows, lipstick, or hair. Admire your work and give yourself a boost. Do people always tell you that you have a great smile? Spend a few minutes smiling in the mirror and see what other people see. Oh maybe it sounds silly, but go ahead! Smiling is good for the soul.

If you can find little things that you like about yourself and get excited about it, it's a great way to give your day a boost. Feel more energized with the confidence of knowing you look great.

2. Today is going to be awesome!

Start this from the minute you wake up. Roll over, do not pick up your phone to check it – it will distract you from your energy. Start playing this over and over in your head until it becomes automatic – today will be awesome! Don't worry about how silly you feel about it, because I guarantee you there are thousands of other people queuing the same mantra as you. Why? Because it works. Because we, as people, are impressionable and convincing. We want to be soothed and relieved, and we can do it on our own if we must. You can easily convince yourself that today is going to be great, all it takes is a bit of motion to get the ball rolling.

3. Have an incredible meal

If you don't have the supplies in your house now to make yourself a great breakfast or lunch, then save it "˜til next time, when you pick up some more groceries. If you can concoct a mindblowing meal for yourself and/or your family, you're going to feel great. Not only are you eating well, you are demonstrating your talents and capabilities and possibly discovering your new talents in the kitchen. What an impressive and delicious way to give yourself some motivation (you can do the dishes after)!

4. Play loud music and exercise at home

Here's one that seems just impossible to start, but has great finishing rewards. I know you're not used to getting sweaty at home (and you don't have to), and you're not used to looking at the floor as a push-up board (and you don't have to), but doing a few exercises at home is a great way to get your blood flowing for the day and make you feel like you're doing something good for yourself at the same time.

The hardest part about exercising at home is that it is very much out of our normal "household" routine, and we feel like we don't even have room for it. But all you have to do is boot up a quick at-home workout Youtube video, or download any array of home workout apps. I have friends that use the app and exercise for 10 minutes a day now before they leave the house. They tell me that they feel completely rejuvenated – it truly works for everybody!

5. Have a laugh

Try to spend some time throughout the day with a good friend or workmate who can really get a good laugh out of you. Sharing some good memories and laughs together will get you in a great mood and give you something to remember and reflect on for the rest of the day. When we laugh and have fun, we feel good, we feel proud. It reminds us that we have a good life and good friends, and that's great motivation.

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