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5 Ways To Enjoy Life More

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Sounds simple enough, right? Just enjoy life. Don't we all want to be happy and cheery and live a life of joy? Well who wouldn't? Yet for some, this is almost something that is seemingly next to impossible. Some of us have many struggles that seem to get in the way and come in the form of poor health, poor income, negative relationships (including marital) etc. It sometimes fee ls like it's been one step forward, two steps back, day in and day out. Plain and simple, nothing ever go es right and there's nothing to be happy about. How then is it possible to enjoy life?

Happiness can't be bought and paid for. Happiness comes from inside though too many of us still think that if we had more money we'd be happy. Would you be? Quite possibly you'd be slightly happier but only for a short time is my guess. When we purchase happiness, it's a band aid, a temporary fix to a larger deeper problem. But what's the problem? Well only you will know what is keeping you from happiness and it may be time to find out exactly what they are. When you do that, you will certainly be able to enjoy life a whole lot more. In the meantime, here are a few ways to enjoy life more.

life_is_about_creating_yourself1. Chase butterflies.

Simple, easy, fun, zero stress and so enjoyable. Why? What's not to love about going to a butterfly garden or even just a field in your neighbourhood, admire butterflies and try to catch them?   See how many you can catch, if any at all. And when you finally do, take a moment to admire and enjoy its beauty.

2. Have a picnic by the lake.

Or a beach or any place that brings you joy. Pack a small light lunch or snacks, a blanket, a book and go relax and be in nature surrounded by all the beauty around you. It's not only breathtaking, it's also very soothing and relaxing. A total mind decompression if you will. No distractions, just the wind, the sights, and the freedom.

3. Take a walk in the park.

You'd be surprised how many new people you may meet, how many new things you may discover and how great the exercise is for you. You'll feel better, have more energy, get a nice healthy dose of Vitamin D and maybe even make a new friend or two. Not into walking in the park? Go down to the lake or some other place that you love. Walking is a great way to chill out and enjoy life.

4. Join a club.

It could be a reading club, a chess club, a scrapbooking club or whatever hobby you have been enjoying for a long time. When you join like minded people you not only learn and get to share tips and tricks, but you expand your social circle which could lead to so many different possibilities. Maybe even a new partner if you happen to be on the lookout.

5. Take a new class.

Learn a new skill. Have you always wanted to learn ballroom dancing? Go join a class. You don't always need a partner for these if you don't have one. The instructor is usually more than happy to be your partner. Wish you were a better singer or dancer or painter? Find a class, join a group. Expand your horizons. Go and do more of the things you love.

Too many of us have dreams and interests and things that we absolutely love to do but just don't get to do enough of them if any at all. Why don't we? Why do we limit ourselves to work and home and work and home? What keeps us from getting out and learning, meeting and growing? We are the ones holding ourselves back. It's time to break free and go enjoy life more. What you want, wants you too. We are here to be happy.

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