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5 Types Of People That Are Changing The World

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There are game players, movers and shakers. The world changers. The ones who mean business. Good business. The ones who genuinely want to see this world a better place. There is also the small group of people who are hurting the world but the do gooders far outnumber the evil doers.   War after war, crisis after crisis, there are more of us that are coming together to help and heal, love and nurture.

There is a major shift happening with humanity and there is a new game being played but this time the game is one of love and unity. Not harm and hate. Below is a small list of some of the players in the game. Are you on this list?

people1. The healers.

Open your business directory or any phone book (do those still exist?) and see how many Reiki and Holistic healers are in there. Actually check and see how many healers are in there period. Healing modalities of all kinds are sprouting up all over the world. Angel healers, therapists, EFT practitioners, you name it, you'll find it. People genuinely want to help people help themselves. The healers are intuitive and are the peace keepers. They avoid conflict at all cost and look only for resolution through love and care.

2. The givers.

These are the people that give unconditionally. They are the ones who believe that no matter how much they give, their supply will never run out. They give without giving much thought to it. It's second nature to them. They want to make sure no one goes without if they have anything to do about it. They give their time, their love and their care freely. These are the people who sincerely want peace, love and prove there can be faith in humanity again.

3. The shakers.

These are the ones who mean business. Real business. These are the ones who will stop at nothing to make this world a better place, a progressive place, a modern place, making sure that everyone who can take part, does. They are innovative and like to start new things. They have no problem coming up with new ideas to reach their goal and making sure they have enough helpers. Real team players though. Like minded people helping to change the world. The shakers like to try new things, and if some of those ideas don't work, they'll try something else. They don't quit.

4. The balancers.

They are the problem solvers. They look at all sides of all situations to make sure there is a resolve and everyone is happy. The mediators. They are trust worthy, patient and calm. They do not like conflict and avoid it at all costs. The balancers also like to analyze and offer better solutions if there are any. They want happiness for all, no matter what. They have morals and integrity and can be counted on for honest and diplomatic answers and/or solutions. They like to build solid foundations and are persistent and steadfast. And they won't give up.

5. The nurturers or the mothers .

They encompass all that is love and peace and compassion. They are all nurturing and supportive. Think of a woman wrapping her arms around you in a motherly loving gentle way. That's the nurturer. This is the empath, the one with the warm aura. People are magnetically drawn to this person without really knowing why. This person embodies everything that is holy and blessed, loving and caring. They are welcoming, humble and loyal.

It takes a lot of different people to make the world go round. The world is growing and moving faster than any of us can keep up with. Technology, science, communications and medicine are advancing faster than anyone could ever imagine. We as a society are made up of people who are constantly striving to make things better for our future and our children's future. Despite the hurt and hate, there is plenty of love and care that make this world a good place.

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